Friday, September 14, 2012

Common courtesy?

I was a bit taken aback to see a pic of one of my own dolls on someone else's blog today. I went on to read the blog post and they had reprinted some of my photos and used blocks of text from a doll making "tutorial" (if you can call it that, more just me talking through my process really) I had put up here quite a long time ago. Flattering you may think, and I guess so, but also quite rude to not ask before taking chunks of someone else's blog content to re-use for yourself.

This person does at least refer back to me and this blog, which is great, and there is no attempt to disguise that it is someone else's content - but it just would have been nice to have been given a heads up and a salutary "do you mind if...?" It might be a big, fast interconnected world these days but let's not let basic manners fall by the wayside!

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Mary Ann said...

I seen and heard of it happening to others. Dixie Redmond of Northdixie Designs for one had issues awhile ago. Not very polite I agree.