Sunday, September 30, 2012

more Tituba wip Pics

She is almost finished. The candle stick is lost under all those skirts which form a kind of bustle at the back. She is holding a pumpkin made from antique silk velvet and a piece of driftwood for the stalk. Her hair is made from twisted multicoloured soft silk fibres. She just needs hat now, of course, and possibly a neck choker.

I haven't sold anything from my etsy shop since around May/June so thought I might give the dreaded Ebay a try again - not 100% decided yet so if you are interested in her check back here on Monday/Tuesday as I will have to wrap her and get postal quotes before I list her anywhere. Halloween is almost here!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Doll WIP Pics

This is a new doll for Halloween, a witch called Tituba. She is paperclay sculpted over a vintage/antique wooden candlestick. Unfortunately her upper half twisted around while I was working on the torso and so she isn't exactly square on. The candlestick is now completely hidden under her skirts. I've finished her outfit and just need to do her hair, a witch hat and finish off her antique velvet pumpkin. If everything goes to plan (hahhhhahhahahhahahahaaaaa, please, just for once!) she will be finished and listed in the shop early this week.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Last night I was really privileged to see a really big meteor streak across the sky right over my home! I was watching TV half-heartedly and occasionally looking out to see the yellow crescent moon which had been lazily strolling across the sky earlier. Just after 10.35 I happened to look out just in time to see this incredibly bright white ball of light streak across my view from above my head toward the mountains, so East to West I guess. It was gone in seconds and I was alone and no-one but my dear old mother was available to tell over the phone about this exciting vision. (note to self: must get a life)

By this morning I had started to feel like one of those crazies who reports UFOs and was expecting people to start whistling the X-Files theme as I walked by, but... Yay.... others saw it too:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Uptown Top Swanking...

A friend just shared this brilliant vintage photo, sorry but at this point I don't know where/who originated it... just proves my point that we all look like Supermodels in the end, so let's all eat cake! :o)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What a Shabby Chic!

OK, so it might seem like a complete about turn to moan about someone using my words and images in one post then turn round and address this topic in the very next but bear with me (I hasten to add that the person who used my blog as a source for their own definitely DID refer back to me here).

Now it seems that other people are going too far in the other direction. Shabby Chic is a term I have heard used about a style of decor for a few decades, can't remember where I heard it first but I think it was an Interiors Magazine and it was referring to the french influenced version of finding old things in skips and tarting them up, eclectically mixing differing eras and style to achieve a relaxed and comfy look. Well, apparently now someone, Rachel Ashwell to be precise, OWNS the term SHABBY CHIC!!!! Not only that but Ebay are now removing listings that use the term without warning and refusing to refund the sellers because RA's people have gotten on to them about this breach of copyright.

See this blog entry, for an ebay sellers first hand experience of this Draconian reaction on Ebay's part. Ebay actually seem to HATE their sellers. It is the only explanation for the way they treat them these days. I have been lucky and mostly had pleasant transactions there over the years but the playing field was no longer level once they stopped sellers from leaving negative feedback. Over the following years Ebay has tilted the pitch so far in the direction of the buyer that I see the sellers (those few who aren't huge multi-million pound retail operations) struggling to keep breathing in the muddy water as both dishonest buyers, and Ebay itself, kick balls at their heads... Shabby indeed!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Common courtesy?

I was a bit taken aback to see a pic of one of my own dolls on someone else's blog today. I went on to read the blog post and they had reprinted some of my photos and used blocks of text from a doll making "tutorial" (if you can call it that, more just me talking through my process really) I had put up here quite a long time ago. Flattering you may think, and I guess so, but also quite rude to not ask before taking chunks of someone else's blog content to re-use for yourself.

This person does at least refer back to me and this blog, which is great, and there is no attempt to disguise that it is someone else's content - but it just would have been nice to have been given a heads up and a salutary "do you mind if...?" It might be a big, fast interconnected world these days but let's not let basic manners fall by the wayside!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

able to comment again!

Ever since I suddenly and mysteriously wasn't allowed to comment on Blogger blogs anymore I have kept on trying, I have read all the usual suspects and sometimes left quite lengthy comments that have disappeared into the ether because Blogger fails to recognise me a one of their own... until this morning! Just as suddenly and inexplicably as it started this phenomenon is over....

be prepared! ;o)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Website coming soon!

My poor old website ( has been missing in action (or inactivity) for months now thanks to Apple's sudden decision to stop hosting websites and providing website creation software. I have finally gotten my head round "re-pointing" my .com to Jimdo, where the new probably not even slightly improved website will be hosted and it should be up and running again by early next week.

If all that technical mumbo jumbo just baffled you, well, that makes two of us, hence the delay ;o)

Anyhoo, things are finally starting to happen and I can't promise anything more than my logo and a blank page to start with, but the rest of the website will come along in the next few weeks/months and there may well be a GIVEAWAY to celebrate the relaunch... so keep watching this space :o)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Philip reads aloud

Time to crushingly embarrass my friend Phil with this clip of him reading aloud from his first novel "The History of Us",  (with charming animation by old college chum Mike Swindall) it has an air of Oliver Postgate about it, I really want to watch The Clangers now!