Wednesday, August 22, 2012

sick of bl**dy blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously I am wondering if it isn't time to throw in the towel with Blogger? I am fed up of the constant glitches.

I haven't been able to comment on any blog but my own for weeks now and forgetting that when you have just typed out a reply to someone's post is a real bitch. Add to that the fact that my reading list frequently disappears and I get a message telling me You are not following any blogs!

Yesterday I logged in to be greeted by 5 posts from a blog I am definitely NOT FOLLOWING! I can't delete this blog from my reading list because I don't have it on my reading list because I am NOT FOLLOWING IT!!!!! So now I get tiresome updates from some craze eyed US guru type I have never heard of blathering on about stuff I am not interested in (unless you know how your bloody blog came to hijack my blog list and how I can get rid of you, little man?) instead of the blogs I do follow and want to read.

Honestly, can't take much more!


Mary Ann said...

I was having the same problem with my reading list but it seems to have fixed itself?

Re leaving comments....that was a problem that a lot of people were having awhile was one blog post about it that I found that worked for me but then again there may be a new problem now.....

Yve said...

Thanks Mary Ann, I hope that might be of use to some readers but sadly doesn't address my problems as I use Safari or Fiorefox and have the problem with both.

Resin Angels said...

Come on over to live journal!!! :D