Saturday, August 18, 2012

Do you have FOMO?

Today I heard about a new condition I am definitely not in danger of suffering from: FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out.

I remember back in my late teens when I was first at art college and again when I first got a job in an ad agency in London in the 80's, going through little phases of FOMO, although I have usually thought of those times as my desperate needy "new girl" days. I felt like I had an opportunity to hang out with the cool kids and be where all the exciting stuff was happening and it would be stupid to sleep or eat or go to the bathroom... when those things became necessary I felt quite literally desperate and wondered what everyone was talking about in my absence! What if something earth shattering happened and I wasn't there to be part of it???

It soon wore off though.... maybe because I was the loner arty kid who went to great lengths to avoid my brother and live-in cousins as a child so that I could have some peace to read a book or just play alone. Maybe because I have always been self contained and soon bored of the cool kids anyway, maybe that's why the whole social networking obsession has barely made a dent in my psyche?

I know, you are wondering: if so then why I am writing this blog? why I post pics on Flickr? Why I chat on doll forums, why tweet once in a very blue moon? This is different to FOMO, as it was initially started just as a way of publicising my dolls & art, then, as time went on, I found I enjoyed the routine and liked the people I met along the way. There is no desperation involved though, no NEED. Sometimes I don't blog for weeks on end and forget to check what others are blogging about too, I am happy for the world to pass me by while I am concentrating on... whatever... hell, just watching TV!!!

I even set up a Twitter account but tweet so infrequently and erratically that a vet would put this little birdie to sleep. As it probably says somewhere on this blog "You can follow me on Twitter" but it will be a thankless task, let me warn you now. It will be like spending the afternoon at Chester Zoo hoping to see the sloth move a toe or to catch a glimpse of the mythical Red Panda. Have even the keepers actually seen it?

Anyhooo, I'm off to play with my brand new 8 week old kitten, Georgie, and if he stays still long enough I might blog a photo of his cute fuzzy self soon ;o)


C said...

I think you sound very sorted, Yve. I'd not heard of FOMO before but I can see how it comes about, and is/was probably just part and parcel of growing up for a lot of people, a phase. But I bet the way things are today with social networking, texting, etc. it's more present than ever (god doesn't that make me sound old: "the way things are today"?!) I also feel quite self-contained and need a lot of space to myself and am v happy in my own company. The thing I like about blogging/email is that you can run it around the rest of your life and priorities, dip in and out at your convenience and not be controlled by it. But - I have a feeling there are some whose 'FOMO' requires them to Facebook, blog, tweet, text etc. constantly for that reason alone, and thus you have to wonder who's controlling who?!

Enjoy your kitten!

Yve said...

Yes C, you have it the right way round, these things are supposed to be conveniences but some people do seem to let them take over. My brother always has his mobile in his hand and will even let his food go cold because someone just texted or called... if it was me they would get ignored and answered when I was ready.

I've been out there in the world, I know what it has to offer, so until someone actually discovers a unicorn or Aliens make first contact, well, I'm just going to finish this cup of tea while it's hot and get back to ya later ;o)

Georgina said...

Oh Yve, I think you're my emotional dopple ganger. I too feel the same as you...the world goes by and I may or not may not notice much because I'm too busy living, doing my thing or doing nothing at all.


Yve said...

...or COOKING Georgina!

Every time I dip into your blog you are referring to delicious recipes that I will be trying once my dratted Gall Bladder has been taken away ;o)