Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where has my .com gone?, my website, has disappeared! Follow the link and you will find a message from Mac and a big red "Closed" sign, but fear not, I am hard at work making a new, completely different, website that will pop up in a couple of weeks at the same old address. It just will no longer be hosted by Mac!

I recently had a very lean time design wise with freelance work very thin on the ground. Very worrying as that is what usually pays the bills! This gave me a lot of time to think about Freaky Little Things and the direction I want to take things... a different, fresh, direction... for me anyway!

There will be a new look for the art dolls, and I am aiming to make them in a range of different price points, from small rag dolls made in limited quantities to larger ball jointed paper clay one offs. I also want to try my hand at some vintage look teddies and critters. There will be a new range of paper dolls and I have begun working on a pop-up book featuring paper dolls too! My BJD mania does not look like abating any time soon so I will continue to make them hats and have created some one off outfit sets too, which are almost finished.

All in all I am full of enthusiasm and optimism for this new era of Freaky Little things and can't wait to start showing you the results. Obviously this will take time and I need to keep putting design work first (so as always, lol) you need to be patient, but I think you will like what is to come :o) Fingers crossed ;o)

... so keep watching this space!


Georgina said...

Looking forward to your new work and site, Eve. I've gotten out of the habit of blogging or coming here to blogger, for that matter. I don't know what's been going on this year, but it hasn't been my brightest or creative one...must be all the smoke from the New Mexico, Arizona an Colorado fires and Hell has changed locations!! !Quien Sabe!


C said...

That's really inspiring, Yve! You sound so upbeat, it's great. I'm in a similar position - times have been so tough on the work front and I've been worrying, just starting to get back to coming up with new ideas and galvanising myself into action to seek out other avenues. The optimism in your post is really infectious and has uplifted me, thanks! Wishing you tons of luck with all the new pursuits!

Yve said...

Thanks to you both, I am feeling really optimistic right now :o) Somebody mentioned to me that as I am not the kind of gal to sit by the phone waiting for a guy to call, why was I sat by the phone waiting for a job to call? It was a good point. You get so hung up on the fact the phone isn't ringing you forget all the things you wanted to do if you ever had a spare minute, day, week!

C, your illustrations are great and you can be creating them and selling direct through etsy when the phone stops ringing. Hell, get your work out there and maybe an agent or art director will see it and hire you as well. :o)

Georgina - Don't beat yourself up, you are such a prolific creator most of the time, every one needs a break now and then.... and in that heat maybe it's the only sane thing to do... stay cool ;o)

Rhissanna said...

Good luck and well done. Please, please keep us up to date with what's happening and how things are going. I love the fact that you're so cheerful about this. It's inspiring!