Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome to the Olympics!

So, I have absolutely NO interest in sport whatsoever and kind of tuned into the Olympics Ceremony last night in a curious but slightly jaded frame of mind (I'm British, I can't help it) but it was flipping brilliant! I was transfixed the whole way through. The Olympic rings being forged by the industrialisation that ripped up the green and pleasant land was truly genius and what can I say about James Bond escorting Her Maj to the ceremony by parachute? Fantastic!

For me the only dampener on the proceedings was not the slight rainfall but Paul MacCartney, who should retire... or better yet, borrow the Tardis and go back to last week and retire before his embarrassing performance at the end. But, thankfully, he was near the end and what had gone before was so wonderfully creative, eccentric, inspired and... BRITISH,  that he couldn't ruin it.

Now, it will be nice if we can win a medal or two!

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Allenoel said...

I agree. It was absolutely fantastic. I can't remember ever being so 'wowed' by an Olympic opening ceremony. Mr. Bean's appearance was a pleasant surprise!