Friday, July 13, 2012

Pretty dollies :o)

These are heads by the Korean company Dollstown (I say "company" but like so many BJD makers it's actually just two people, Torre and An Jong Hak who make these stunning dolls).  The bodies are by a different, larger, company in China, Dollzone, which makes my dolls hybrids. They come blank and I have "painted" them with chalk pastels and water colour pencils, using MSC UV cut flat matt spray to get the colour to adhere to the resin. These faces should last for years but if I go wrong it's simple to just wipe off the face with nail polish remover (some BJD aficionadi REALLY disapprove of this and swear by other products) and start again. I so enjoy painting on these faces and watching the sculpts really come to life. It's funny how much the choice of wig and eyes can make a different too.


BlackCrow said...

Exquisite paint work on the faces, Yve.

Would be nice to visit the company in Korea and the factory in China.

Yve said...

Thank you :o)

I will email you a ink to Dollstown because sometimes they have a camera set up to film the sculpting process, so cool to watch.

Leaders said...

Such a sticky issue this one is. I struggle with property rights, copyrights and all sorts of finicky ideas about what belongs to whom. There is a law called the "Fair Use Act" which essentially says you can quote or use portions of texts and journals as evidence and for education. I don't condone theft, and as you stated the Masters were not averse to copying. In fact it wasn't that they weren't averse to it, they set up schools in which thier students did nothing but so as to practice the art.
Now there are projectors and photographs. Photographs and images which can be traced, and some artists just paint right on top for a sort of paint by number.
On my website I am offering up the general outline for a doll, which is the general outline of a monster high doll. Its something I drew because I liked the body style, but it was still OFF the actual doll. ( I don't really know how I feel about it 100 percent, but it's a schematic for my doll which im making in clay. However it is to get a sort of feel of the doll which I wish to recreate in a bjd. *scratches my head*

any thoughts?