Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome to the Olympics!

So, I have absolutely NO interest in sport whatsoever and kind of tuned into the Olympics Ceremony last night in a curious but slightly jaded frame of mind (I'm British, I can't help it) but it was flipping brilliant! I was transfixed the whole way through. The Olympic rings being forged by the industrialisation that ripped up the green and pleasant land was truly genius and what can I say about James Bond escorting Her Maj to the ceremony by parachute? Fantastic!

For me the only dampener on the proceedings was not the slight rainfall but Paul MacCartney, who should retire... or better yet, borrow the Tardis and go back to last week and retire before his embarrassing performance at the end. But, thankfully, he was near the end and what had gone before was so wonderfully creative, eccentric, inspired and... BRITISH,  that he couldn't ruin it.

Now, it will be nice if we can win a medal or two!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pretty dollies :o)

These are heads by the Korean company Dollstown (I say "company" but like so many BJD makers it's actually just two people, Torre and An Jong Hak who make these stunning dolls).  The bodies are by a different, larger, company in China, Dollzone, which makes my dolls hybrids. They come blank and I have "painted" them with chalk pastels and water colour pencils, using MSC UV cut flat matt spray to get the colour to adhere to the resin. These faces should last for years but if I go wrong it's simple to just wipe off the face with nail polish remover (some BJD aficionadi REALLY disapprove of this and swear by other products) and start again. I so enjoy painting on these faces and watching the sculpts really come to life. It's funny how much the choice of wig and eyes can make a different too.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We need to talk about Boobs!

OK, thought that would get your attention! More precisely, we need to talk about bras... a new bra to be exact, the incomfortable-ness of which has just driven me to interrupt my barely begun working day because of underwire rib pokage. Not something that can ever be ignored for long.

What is it with bras lately, they don't lift, they don't separate, they don't allow you to move with freedom and in many cases they don't allow you to get through the day without a really bad headache and stiff neck? It wasn't always this way, no, there were certain shops on the High Street, _&_ , in particular, who could always be relied upon to support your assets, but not any longer. No, even our High Street dependables have succumbed to the pursuit of profit over anything approaching  quality and now get everything made in China on the cheap.

When I say "cheap" that doesn't seem to be "cheap" to us the consumer, just cheaper for them to manufacture and sell at the old price, hence more profit. I'm sure they will insist that we still get quality in the lovely fabrics and design - no argument from me there - but to my mind the whole point of a bra is to make a woman look and feel good. I can find bras on the High Street that make me look good, but they can only be worn for an hour, maybe two, before terrible neck, shoulder and head pain begins to set in and so I have settled for comfort... and wear my bouncy baubles considerably lower than I used to!

I know someone is bound to chirp up with another High Street name who purport to support the more well endowed lady with wide strappage (the name begins in Bra and ends in a strangely masculine "o") but I have found their sales staff too aggressively sure that I don't know my own bra size (...of course I know my size - anything between a 34D and a 36G, depending on the style, the shop and of course, sometimes it will be both extremes in the same style in the same shop... I recently tried on a bra that didn't even have two cups of the same size) before I even try anything on and simply won't leave me alone to browse. They may indeed have the perfect combination of comfort, support and style for me on one of their dainty little hangers but I have never remained unharassed by the sales-harpies for long enough to find it.

Imagine my distress, when recently, despite being far less than half the reputed 25 stone of the late great Hattie Jacques, I was addressed as "Matronly" by my own mother who was so appalled at the effects of gravity on my underpinnings. I had resorted (as usual) to my ancient battleship grey (it began life as a perky blinding white) lycra "T Shirt" bra, purchased, if my sepia tinted memory serves, from one of those backwater Underwear-only emporiums where well-upholstered Mrs Slocombe-like attendants roamed with a tape measures slung casually round their necks. Yes, those places ONLY sold underwear, could tell your size, cup and marital status from the merest glance and seem to have all disappeared along with any hope I have of finding a well fitting, supportive boulder holder that isn't some kind of torture device. I despair!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Sale

I have reduced the prices of about half my shop stock for the month of July and on the Vampire Showgirl paper dolls for July and August. Summer Sale everybody... even if it doesn't feel much like Summer here right now ;o)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where has my .com gone?, my website, has disappeared! Follow the link and you will find a message from Mac and a big red "Closed" sign, but fear not, I am hard at work making a new, completely different, website that will pop up in a couple of weeks at the same old address. It just will no longer be hosted by Mac!

I recently had a very lean time design wise with freelance work very thin on the ground. Very worrying as that is what usually pays the bills! This gave me a lot of time to think about Freaky Little Things and the direction I want to take things... a different, fresh, direction... for me anyway!

There will be a new look for the art dolls, and I am aiming to make them in a range of different price points, from small rag dolls made in limited quantities to larger ball jointed paper clay one offs. I also want to try my hand at some vintage look teddies and critters. There will be a new range of paper dolls and I have begun working on a pop-up book featuring paper dolls too! My BJD mania does not look like abating any time soon so I will continue to make them hats and have created some one off outfit sets too, which are almost finished.

All in all I am full of enthusiasm and optimism for this new era of Freaky Little things and can't wait to start showing you the results. Obviously this will take time and I need to keep putting design work first (so as always, lol) you need to be patient, but I think you will like what is to come :o) Fingers crossed ;o)

... so keep watching this space!