Monday, February 20, 2012

Get ahead, get a hat...

When I first came up with the name Freaky Little Things many years ago, I was making OOAK bags and selling them at craft fairs. Little itty bitty what-knots from vintage scraps with lots of beading and big ol' shabby flowers hanging from them, and the name suited them well. Then I began making dolls they gradually took the name over, particularly when I joined Etsy where every other shop is a bag maker... many making Daiper Bags (WTF???? Sounds horrible!). It seemed like everyone was making bags so why compete?

My slight 'harrumph-i-ness' toward doll making at the moment (brought on by the demise of ADO and my own inability to finish Sepia Nell... I've changed her hair about 3 times now) has led me to whistfully look back at those simpler Craft Fair days and so I've decided that Freaky Little Things will just mean anything that I create. I'm going to stop being so rigid and thinking "Must make dolls", I will make whatever takes my fancy and it all goes in my etsy shop and to hell with it.

To that end I have been making lots of stuff for my BJDs and I'm getting to the point where I feel confident enough in the quality of the finish to put some up for sale. I'm on a hat making roll and have just listed 2 bonnets in the shop this morning. I wanted to go for a shabby genteel Victorian look, the kind of bonnet you might find in a back street antique shop. A little faded, a little tattered but still has a twinkle in it's (metaphorical) eye ;o) Hope you likey!


Georgina said...

I'm going to check out your bonnets. I'm glad you're expanding as an you, I love doll-making, but sometimes, the process can get a bit monotones and boredom steps in...not good!! One needs to "shake it up" a bit and I'm a "shaker-upper,"
when it comes to my art work.

I'm doing some "prostitution" work right now...things I wouldn't normally make, but there's this little shop that sells really cool jewelry and caters more to little "girly-girls," and I'm making some little clay necklaces to sell there...didn't even sign them...what a snob!! LOL I realized when you iron hemp there's no oder...drat!!

Have a great one, Yve, and heading out to your Etsy page. Oh Lord, have to attempt that stupid vert. word puzzle...will be sent to the disabled window again!!!


Yve said...

I'm glad your prostitution just involves making jewellery, tee hee ;o) yeah, I don't think there is any way to get high from the ironing!

CindySowers said...

Love these hats! So impressed! Good for you. I'm with you on just doing/selling whatever you feel like. Every time I think "this is what I will do" I get distracted and do something else :) You can do a lot. You might as well do it all.

Yve said...

Thanks Cindy :o)