Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Art Thieves stealing my work!

This morning someone brought to my attention the website Viral Addiction which is proudly displaying T shirts using an altered version of my Mighty Boosh print without any permission being sought, without giving me any credit and definitely without giving me any money from the sales.

Find the T-shirt here:

Viral Addiction

I am absolutely livid and have contacted them to remove the T Shirt or I will take steps toward legal action. I am now removing that print from sale in the shop and feel really angry that this was obviously taken from a print someone has bought from my shop...and after all the worrying I did about the copyright issue of drawing from photos! If this company is stealing my art so blatantly I am sure they are stealing the work of others too, I would urge all artists to keep an eye on this website and contact anyone whose work they are using.


C said...

That is awful, Yve, but sadly seems to be becoming more and more commonplace - I think we're all at risk with our creations. Wishing you lots of luck getting them to remove it - they will hopefully be scared off by your threat of legal action, probably never expecting that they'd be caught out! Not sure if you know of it already, but this site may be of interest:

Yve said...

Thanks for the support and thanks for that link, too, I will go and investigate ;o)

They seem prepared to remove the image and cease using it at this stage. I hope they do so, I don't want to go down the route of legal threats, Cease & Desist orders, serving notice to their their ISP, etc... but obviously, I will if they don't voluntarily do the right thing.

Do people just think that because we can draw that we are rich and ripe for the picking?