Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adieu to ADO

Sad news that the art doll group ADO is no more. It's been a great refuge and resource for so many of us and it's a shame to see it go but organising and running the group was just too much work for a few very dedicated members and in the end it just got to much for them I guess.


Georgina said...

I shall miss it terribly. Where else could you find a band of wonderful art doll artists under one umbrella. I agree, it was probably too much for a few dedicated members...thanks you all!!

Yve said...

Feeling a little cynical the way a whole load of members have suddenly leapt into action to "save" a group they couldn't be bothered to make time for in the first place. The reason ADO folded is because Nicole, Eva and a small hand full, of others literally collapsed under the workload!

100 members, and I'd say 90% contributed very little, if they had stepped up a little earlier the group would still exist.