Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Art Thieves stealing my work!

This morning someone brought to my attention the website Viral Addiction which is proudly displaying T shirts using an altered version of my Mighty Boosh print without any permission being sought, without giving me any credit and definitely without giving me any money from the sales.

Find the T-shirt here:

Viral Addiction

I am absolutely livid and have contacted them to remove the T Shirt or I will take steps toward legal action. I am now removing that print from sale in the shop and feel really angry that this was obviously taken from a print someone has bought from my shop...and after all the worrying I did about the copyright issue of drawing from photos! If this company is stealing my art so blatantly I am sure they are stealing the work of others too, I would urge all artists to keep an eye on this website and contact anyone whose work they are using.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Feathered Bucaneer

This is my first finished proper hat, The Bucaneer. This one has Pompoms and a lovely peacock feather as well as other black on black trims. It has a really vibrant Green silk lining too :o)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Bonnet shape

Here is my Peakswoods Skiya modelling the latest bonnet. I've called this new pattern the Jane Eyre. It sold before I even completed it, I was about to add feathers but the buyer wanted it plain. It still looks finished though. Hopefully I can get my first proper hat all done for tomorrow to show you :o)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Get ahead, get a hat...

When I first came up with the name Freaky Little Things many years ago, I was making OOAK bags and selling them at craft fairs. Little itty bitty what-knots from vintage scraps with lots of beading and big ol' shabby flowers hanging from them, and the name suited them well. Then I began making dolls they gradually took the name over, particularly when I joined Etsy where every other shop is a bag maker... many making Daiper Bags (WTF???? Sounds horrible!). It seemed like everyone was making bags so why compete?

My slight 'harrumph-i-ness' toward doll making at the moment (brought on by the demise of ADO and my own inability to finish Sepia Nell... I've changed her hair about 3 times now) has led me to whistfully look back at those simpler Craft Fair days and so I've decided that Freaky Little Things will just mean anything that I create. I'm going to stop being so rigid and thinking "Must make dolls", I will make whatever takes my fancy and it all goes in my etsy shop and to hell with it.

To that end I have been making lots of stuff for my BJDs and I'm getting to the point where I feel confident enough in the quality of the finish to put some up for sale. I'm on a hat making roll and have just listed 2 bonnets in the shop this morning. I wanted to go for a shabby genteel Victorian look, the kind of bonnet you might find in a back street antique shop. A little faded, a little tattered but still has a twinkle in it's (metaphorical) eye ;o) Hope you likey!

I am NOT a Robot!

What the hell is with the Blogger Catchpa/prove you are not a Robot puzzles lately??? I swear I just had one that was written in ye olde english! I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be "s" or "f" and in the end I took a wild stab at an "l" and nailed it. I mean, yes, they have to look somewhat distorted to avoid the robots (C3PO I presume, R2D2 has better things to do) but how about NOT using antique fonts next time?!*@%^****

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Burnt out?

The timing of the demise of ADO is quite fitting for me as I was seriously considering leaving in the next few months. I have to be an active member of a group if I join and lately I just don't have the energy. I know that right now that could be the arthritis talking (oh hell, it talks now?) but after finishing the ADO Ezine project late last year I have just felt a little ambivalent about the whole art doll scene.

Don't get me wrong, I love dolls and I love making dolls and I love seeing other people's dolls. But making the dolls is just a small part of it, there is all the other stuff that I like so much less and it swamps out the doll making. There is all that cyber-keeping in touch, making yourself visible so that people remember you or know you are there in the first place, blogs, twitter, face-book, Etsy groups... posting photos here and there and everywhere, the list is endless and my time ISN'T.

Maybe I don't come across as very friendly but when I was deeply immersed in the Ezine project it was like I no longer existed for the rest of ADO, I stopped getting chatty emails from all but a couple of lovely people, stopped getting comments on my photos, etc... Because of that project I didn't just have no time to make dolls I also had no time to join in any of the challenegs so most other members forgot I existed. I wound up feeling very isolated and once the Ezine was published I wondered if I had any place in the group anymore. Everyone was going over to see it and saying how great it was, how it was a great advert for ADO but I felt totally detached and off in a corner by myself. I found getting back into the swing of the group really difficult. Everyone had moved on during the 9 months I had been immersed in Ezine stuff and I no longer fitted in. I know I wasn't the only one who got immersed in that project who also wound up feeling a bit side lined from the rest of the group. Just a statement of fact, or a statement of how I felt, not blaming anyone.

That whole experience also led me to question how I go about making and marketing my dolls because I am not sure it works for me anymore. I have so little free time and making dolls should be fun but often it feels like a chore because I have mentioned a new doll on the blog and then have failed to finish it... usually for the very good reason that I have had no "free time" since mentioning it! The bottle dolls are a good example, I previewed them just after Christmas and they are almost ready to go in the shop... ALMOST. When I feel a bit better I will finish the 3rd and list them for sale, but will anyone still be interested? Hard to know. The problem is that Esty has grown so huge now that it is almost impossible to get noticed if you don't do the whole cyber-network song and dance.

What is the solution? I really don't know. I'm just sure I can no longer run myself ragged trying to keep up with posting here, there and everywhere. I think from now on the blog and Flickr are going to be my only shop windows, other than my etsy shop obviously. I detest Facebook, My Space is long dead, Twitter confuses me and I just can't bring myself to join anymore etsy groups. I enjoyed being a member of the Esty Dark Side Team and loved ADO, but have had so little time for it for a long time now and won't use those tags on my dolls anymore. ADO is gone, even if some of the members keep the name it won't be the same to me.

So where do I go from here? Will I even make anymore dolls after the bottle dolls are finished. I just don't know right now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adieu to ADO

Sad news that the art doll group ADO is no more. It's been a great refuge and resource for so many of us and it's a shame to see it go but organising and running the group was just too much work for a few very dedicated members and in the end it just got to much for them I guess.

Arthritis Hiatus

Apologies for the sudden break in activity. I was motoring along with the dolls just before Christmas but the arthritis has reared it's ugly head (or knee and spine in this case) again and so nothing much happening here! As it's Valentines day I just thought I'd pop up to say I love y'all and then disappear off to lounge on the sofa looking out at the ducks ;o)