Friday, January 20, 2012


This is so true. I am not asking for a backlash where the naturally skinny become ashamed of their bodies, no, but how about a world where women of all shapes and sizes, races and ages can be considered sexy? Why is there always this narrow band of what is acceptable... and more to the point, why do we put up with this sh*t???

Apologies to the originator of this image as I have taken it from a source who did not credit you.


C said...

Yes indeed, Yve. But everything has got so warped... I mean, at what point did it become 'normal' for (some) women to want to mutilate their perfectly healthy bodies for the sake of being what they think of as 'more attractive'? It's got v twisted. I'm just glad I'm too old to fret about it all now!

Yve said...

Tee hee, so true, have you seen that ad for some dim-wit 'reality" show called the Wives of Orange County? It's on TV right now. I love that those women are so deluded that they truly believe their cosmetic procedures make them look more youthful and attractive... when they just make them look weirder and less real somehow. Still, I guess all that sun fried their tiny brains out?

Georgina said...

I'm very familiar with that program...they also have the "Housewives of New City," silly un-sophisticates who think they are, then there's the "Housewives of Beverly Hills," not familiar with that one, but they worse than the Orange County bimbos, just from what I get on the commercials. "The Housewives of D.C.," again, silly nouvo-riche un-sophisticates and I don't watch that one either, "The Housewives of Atlanta," again, don't watch but it's yet another group of more nouvo-riche types. Now my absolute favorite, are "The Housewives of New Jersey," now that's a train wreck and you just can't stop from watching it...I'm hooked on that's beyond anything I've ever seen and they hardly make it attractive to want to visit that state, but then you've got those Jerseyshore types...OY...what's with New Jersey?????!!!?? Must be the water.

Don't think that the majority of women in the U.S. are anywhere near these kind of women...hardly and as your friend, C said, I'm too old to give a crap. Last year I attended a cheer leading contest, which my 14 year old niece who competed in in Las Vegas, Nevada. My brother and his family live in Orange County, which is basically the Los Angeles, CA area. I was amazed at how well one can tart up their daughters and speaking of the Orange county, the majority of those little ladies from that area...well, let's just say, I've never seen an ocean of bottle blondes and fake boobs gathered in one place. That's 2 days of my life I'll never get back. I hung out at the bar with the bartender who was just as sick of his stomach at all this as I was!! He made me top-shelf margaritas and only charged me for the regular marg!! LOL


Yve said...

Yeah, I can imagine the New Jersey wives have more to say for themselves and bigger hair! ;o)

C said...

Reading Georgina's descriptions too, sometimes when I take a few steps back and look objectively at the extent to which 'beauty' has got warped into this artificial Disneyfied freakshow it's just all so ridiculous, I have to laugh or I'd cry! I'm put in mind of some of this guy's paintings: (Sorry don't know how to make a hyperlink in a comment box!)
Second picture down 'Jaunty and Mame'.... a possible scary glimpse into the future (or is it now?!)

Daydream Retreat said...

Thanks for droppin by my blog...if you have not heard of Betsey Johnson definitely Google Image her for loads of eye candy. She's been part of the fashion world since the 60's :)

This is SO true!! I'm naturally thin(ish) and I'm married to a personal trainer, and I eat very healthy AND I'm still nowhere near as thin as these actresses and models, it's completely unhealthy and un-natural. Very sad for them to live life that way