Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Dolls for the New Year

The number of finished Bottle Dolls just doubled! I am aiming to see how many of the dolls I have been slowly working on from Summer 2011 onwards, can actually be finished and ready to list by the time the Etsy shop reopens on January the 9th. I am on target for 5 right now, but only time will tell... watch this space :o)


Georgina said...

These are just too wonderful, Yve. What are you smoking or eating....I want some!! LOL


Yve said...

Haa haa, thanks Georgina. ACtually I am eating so little it's probably starvation mania! Blo*dy Gallstones!!! ;o)

Alison in CA said...

Yve! I love these! Fantastic!

Sue said...

Very creative and visually wonderful!

Love them!