Monday, December 5, 2011

seizure inducing Christmas Tree

Decided to get all seasonal and put up my Christmas Tree yesterday (so it's a bit early, who cares?). I have always gone for real trees but after my back problems, I decided to do the sensible thing and get a fake tree. I LOVE it :o)

I bought a cheap set of lights and put them on to check coverage before adding any baubles. I didn't realise they were twinkling lights but was pleasantly surprised at the slow fades and so went out of the room for a few minutes to make a cup of tea. I was blissfully unaware that (A) the lights were running through all their settings while I was gone and (B) that I have a light-activated cat!

Matilda was flumped sleepily in her radiator hammock while I put up the tree but when I went to make the tea, the rapidly flashing lights caught her interest. I returned to see her little black fluffy trousers sticking out of the bottom of the tree and an exploratory paw reaching up for the nearest strand of flickering lights. I shooed her away but she was completely manic, as the lights slowed down so would she and as they got faster she would go berserk, galloping round the room and jumping in and out of boxes, smashing a few baubles as she went. After a few minutes I figured out how to stop the lights flashing and so she hopped back into her hammock and went back to sleep.

Oddly she hasn't shown much interest in the decorations since then but I found her skittering across the wooden floor this morning with a pink cocktail parasol I never knew I had. Never a dull moment.


Georgina said...

Very nice, Yve...never was much into white trees, but yours is definitely a delight!! My daughter's tree attracts both the cat and the 2 year old!! LOL But once she put the toy train set under the tree, the noise scared both of them off...wish I had figured that out when I was a young mother!!

Haven't put mine up yet, but will do this weekend. I down-sized and now have a 4' lighted "stuffed" tree...that's what I call artificial trees. I grew up with them since just about everyone in my family were allergic to them, for the exception of my mother and me I never knew what it was to have a real tree till I moved to Germany...then my 3 month old son developed an allergy to them too...sigh...I gave up!!

Have a great week and think of you every time I see a Hello Kitty item...bought my daughter a blingy Hello Kitty watch yesterday for Christmas...really cute.


Yve said...

Hu hu hu, yep, trees attract small critters of all persuasions ;o) Such a shame about the allergies, I love the smell of a real tree. I have made a few table centres with real foliage so I still have that lovely scent in the house :o)