Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First "Bottle Doll" preview

Over the upcoming week, I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of new dolls that will get listed in the shop when it reopens. They may not appear in the first week as I need to make presentation boxes for them.

They are all built up on top of vintage glass bottles that have been dug up in the last year or so. As a child, my Mother's garden was always a rich source of these finds along with lots of willow pattern pottery, old clay smoking pipes and other treasures. At least, they seemed like treasures to me and I loved the aged patina and crazy crackle in the glaze, they way being buried in the earth had changed the items, just adding to their beauty in my eyes.

The bottles are late Victorian/Edwardian to Pre-War and just seem to add another dimension to the dolls. I wanted the doll part to also look like pottery that has been in the ground for many decades. I will take better pictures of this doll, on a patterned moulded green glass bottle, the first to be finished (and simply called Bottle Doll no.) 1 soon.


Crafting with Mel said...

This looks stunning Yve! So exciting :)

Yve said...

Thank you so much :o)