Friday, December 30, 2011

A borrowed farewell message to 2011...

I found this on the blog "Being Ruby" and just had to quote it here:

"Dear 2011

You have pushed me to my limit Sir .. Once again I find myself putting pen to paper to question your motives and point out that your behaviour can no longer be tolerated. I am saying goodbye to you dear sir!! There is no more room in my life for your fickle antics and unconscionable tactics.


I know I spoke similar harsh words to your cousin 2009... You are cut from the same cloth... 'Brothers from another Mother'... You give with one hand and take with the other.. Ok.. I will give credit where it is due.. You did bestow some wonderful gifts... There's no overlooking a trip to Europe nor gifts of a more personal nature which will remain unspoken in such a public forum.. But really you also created much havoc to all and sundry and I think it's time to move on..

Don't try and stop me with flattering words or false promises that quite frankly I doubt you can deliver in less than 12 hours.. Any such attempts to sway my decision will demand the forthcoming response..

... As a wise woman once said ...

'I Four Fourths Don't Care!!"

Not sure who Lorelai is but you can't knock the sentiment. I would substitute "a trip to Europe" for "finding my lovely flat" but yes, I have certainly felt that 2011 was responsible for giving with one hand whilst slapping me round the head with a rancid kipper with the other. Bet many of you feel the same way... it was better than 2010 though!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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