Sunday, November 20, 2011

Would you have a dolly Clearance Sale?

I hesitate to use the term "Art Doll" because I prefer to think of my cloth dolls as just that: Rag dolls. Why get all pretentious about it? I agree with the marvelously bonkers Grayson Perry, who recently said that a lot of what passes for ART these days is only made to seem worthy by the fact that it is hanging in a gallery. I guess ETSY performs a similar function for really quite basic craft items, gives them a gloss they maybe do no merit? Contentious, I know but perhaps the truth.

I haven't actually made a doll yet that I think would be worthy of the title art doll to be honest. I'm not being falsely modest or fishing for compliments here either. The dolls I have made are fun, some much better crafted than others and I only use the term "art doll" at all because it will help me be found in listings and because it sets a certain type of doll aimed at adult collectors apart from those aimed at children. It's a very useful term in that sense.

Anyway, new flat, new outlook. I want to wipe the slate clean and start to make different dolls. who knows, maybe next year I will actually manage to grope my way toward something I myself will consider art? Who knows?

Meanwhile, I am going to put some of the old dears in my etsy shop at lowered prices until Christmas anyway. Oh and every non paper doll sale gets a free mystery gift until Christmas too. I sadly can't include them with the Paper dolls as they ship in flat envelopes and there would be no room!

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