Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Ezine is published!

After 18 months and 19 nervous breakdowns, MUCH ADO, the online magazine (or Ezine) of Art Dolls Only is finally published. I am now off to sleep for a week. Hope you all like it :o)


sassypackrat said...

I enjoyed reading every word and seeing all the great photos! Very nice job!

Alison in CA said...

I LOVE it! Just a fantastic job. I've reviewed it, given it five stars, linked to it on my blog, facebooked it and tweeted (twat?) it!


Yve said...

I just saw your review and sent you an email, thank you so much that was so lovely of you!!!

Plus, "Twat" heeeee heeee heee, that's SUCH a naughty word in the UK! :o)

Thank you Sassypackrat too :o)