Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ezine video on YouTube

Wow, the amazing Grace of Little Black Crow Studio has made us this fantastic video to help raise awareness for the upcoming Ezine publication (September 28th) and her lovely brother Andrew composed some music for it too! How fab, take a peek here

Wow, it's all coming together, I am trying to fit in a flurry of last minute tweaks and edits, trying to find all the typos and misspellings before the big launch. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who is interested in this project (you don't have to be an ADO member) would put this badge on their blog please,

and link to either the mini-mag or the video. Thanks so much in anticipation ;o)

"amazing Grace".... only just realised that I did that, groan!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Much ADO is on it's way!

Most of my spare time over the last year has been devoted to editing and designing the ADO group online publication, MUCH ADO. It's been a huge collaborative effort for the whole team and we are in the home stretch now, with publication set for September the 28th. I just put together a small preview version to whet everyone's appetite for the real thing, here you go, enjoy!

Much ADO