Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthday gifts

Guess what I got for my Birthday? Gallstones and a dead robin on my duvet! Joy...

Been horrendously ill since Friday night, fever and nastiness and finally got to see a Doctor on Monday morning. Got the great Russian Roulette choice of having an op to take out the Gallbladder immediately or go home and cope with the pain til it passes. Given my dread of hospitals and general mistrust of Doctors, I chose the latter and they gave some anti-spasmodics to calm my stomach. I wonder if they work as I never really got the chance to digest any of them! Feel a bit more normal today so fingers crossed. Now it's just a low fat diet or a return to the pain.

As I say it was my Birthday yesterday, and I spent most of it either propped up sleeping on the sofa or propped up sleeping in bed in between bouts of, well, you know! My cat, Matilda, has never had a cat-flap before and it took a while but now she has the hang of it. I was in bed yesterday afternoon and heard the flap go and little paddy feet approaching, she jumps up on the bed and comes over all purry and rolling around for attention, then went to sleep. I got up for another bout of yuk some time later and when I came back to bed there is my shape in the duvet with her asleep one side and a recently dead Robin on the other side!!!! Joy! What a thoughtful gift, shame she hadn't kept the reciept.


Janet Ghio said...

Get your gall bladder out!! I had gall bladder attacks several years ago. It is excrutiating! The surgery is not bad-it's just a couple of tiny incisions. The attacks will just come back and sooner or later you will have to have it taken out. I feel for you. Good luck and yucky robin~

Lynda said...

Happy belated birthday .. hope you get better soon and can enjoy it ;0)

Georgina said...

Cats do that, but I also discovered, Chihuahuas do too. My Maya loves to "gift" me with dead, dismembered White Tale Doves, lovingly left on my new sofa!

Yve, sorry to hear about your gallbladder...that's some crap you have to deal with. As I'm knocking on wood, I have never had those problems, but my mother did and had her's removed many years ago back when they were still "cutting" open. Now it's done with laser, so I've been told. My daughter had a friend who had hers taken out after the birth of her 1st child..quite young, but she lost so much weight, I thought she'd disappear!

So take care and let little Matilde that dead things on the duvet are not welcomed at all!!

Yve said...

Everyone is telling me "have it whipped out" then everyone else goes "Nah, had mine for years very rarely bothers me"... my head is spinning!

I know this is too much information but last night I threw up some grit in water and almost straight away the pain went, Is there any possibility that my stones were that small and are gone now?

Am I living in cloud cuckoo land? :o)