Friday, April 8, 2011


Matilda and I have a really eeeeky week ahead of us as we are relocating down to Buckinghamshire next weekend! So we've packed already, right? Noooo, of course not! And the relaxing spray I bought on-line to calm my car-sick kitty? That's arrived and been road tested on said up-tight feline? Noooo, of course not. By the end of the week I imagine I will be the one needing a relaxing spray to calm me down... or a big bottle of rum?

On the plus side... I have tweaked my doll-making pattern, the one that I created for The Frost Fairy, I've scaled it down a bit, made her slimmer and made the feet and hands smaller and more dainty. have cut out a few in calico and even stuffed one who is waiting to be button jointed before the move. Once I am settled, doll making will finally re-commence, watch this space ;o)

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