Monday, March 21, 2011

Hairy moments

Ok, so who hasn't dyed their hair at home and thought "what a waste of my precious time, I could be sat on the sofa watching TV right now" but you daren't because always, ALWAYS, that d*mn dye that is so busy not covering those stubborn "greys" does get busy dying your soft furnishings!

So obviously I learnt all about hair-dying mousse from Kate from Lost with joy in my heart. This is definitely the product for me, I thought, you glide it onto your hair and no drips and then you can wander round the house with no fear of Dalmationizing your sofa (dark dye spotting). And her hair always looked great didn't it? On that Island in the middle of nowhere with sand and crabs and a monster and stuff? Got to be good!

So I waltz down to the Chemist and whooaaa, must have known I was coming because they have an introductory offer so the dye is only as stupidly expensive as it used to be before it got REALLY stupidly expensive. Now I'm in the bathroom with the golf ball sized pouff of magic mousse in the palm of my hand, the anticipation is killing me, so I slap it on my roots and, errr, nothing, my hair isn't even wet, or coloured which is a bit confusing. So I keep applying balls of pouffiness here and there, wondering if I have covered everything, it seems to just evapourate INTO my hair on contact. Obviously I have had a long dark mane of sponges on top of my head all these years.

Nope, no colour change and all the dye has soaked straight into my obviously quite porous hair, leaving it dry but kind of crunchy. I am baffled and half an hour later my hair has just about begun to darken, here and there! It hasn't actually made those stray greys go the rich chestnut brown I was expecting, it has just kind of subdued the contrast between them and the rest of my naturally brown hair, I have dirtied my hair...Huh? Eventually I decide to "wash it off" which is a bit surreal because I am trying to wash away not the dye (dissappeared on contact with my anti-matter hair) so much as the sound and texture of crunchiness.

I dried it, it's shiny and the colour is just a subdued version of what I had before I started except the greys are now more battleship than startling silver... I preferred the silver! I almost look like a black and white photo of myself, it's strange. I guess I will be reverting to glooppy, drippy, yukky wet dye again next time round.


Resin Angels said...

LOL Yve. I hate dying my hair at home, I seem to get it everywhere except on my hair. I'm going to the hairdressers this Friday to get rid of my skunk stripe :o)

skulptress said...

That is so funny you mention this hair dye. I too was suckered into the hype last week and well... I had a coupon. I plop it on my head and ended up getting it everywhere, both my white socks received a huge blob as did the bathmat. I had a hell of a job controlling it. It dyed my scalp so dark that a week later I am still trying to get it to pinkin up. I had to wear my hair down all week as I always go way overboard to cover the greys at the side that I looked like Elvis with his lambchops. I even tried nail varnish remover on my skin and it wouldn't budge it!

Yve said...

I have a great mental image of you now, tee hee ;o)