Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is just Bl**dy ridiculous! After 24 hours etsy sign in suddenly accepted my usual password, having rejected it countless times during the day and last night. WHY? Why does it still reject the latest temporary password that etsy's own automated sign in service sent to me?

And the most annoying thing, the sign in no longer auto-fills and even if I check the "Keep me signed" in box, everytime I go back to etsy I have to manually type my user name/password despite them both being in my autofill and it being turned on... Gggrrrrr. All this in the same week that Photobucket - already one of the most annoying sites on the internet -decided it would only accept Facebook IDs as a log-in, so I am locked out of there too!

Yes, I do have a Facebook page but I never go there and can't remember my password :o(

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