Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Phewwww, my following list has mysteriously returned! ;o)

More Blogger gremlins

Anyone else log into Blogger today to find that they are "not following any blogs" today? Could have fooled me because I was following roughly 100 yesterday when I was last here!!!!

I hope this is just one of their temporary glitches, I don't want to have to find all of them again :o(

Sunday, March 27, 2011


My Vampire Showgirl Irmalene has been included in a lovely treasury by CapeCottageDesigns, look here: here

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hairy moments

Ok, so who hasn't dyed their hair at home and thought "what a waste of my precious time, I could be sat on the sofa watching TV right now" but you daren't because always, ALWAYS, that d*mn dye that is so busy not covering those stubborn "greys" does get busy dying your soft furnishings!

So obviously I learnt all about hair-dying mousse from Kate from Lost with joy in my heart. This is definitely the product for me, I thought, you glide it onto your hair and no drips and then you can wander round the house with no fear of Dalmationizing your sofa (dark dye spotting). And her hair always looked great didn't it? On that Island in the middle of nowhere with sand and crabs and a monster and stuff? Got to be good!

So I waltz down to the Chemist and whooaaa, must have known I was coming because they have an introductory offer so the dye is only as stupidly expensive as it used to be before it got REALLY stupidly expensive. Now I'm in the bathroom with the golf ball sized pouff of magic mousse in the palm of my hand, the anticipation is killing me, so I slap it on my roots and, errr, nothing, my hair isn't even wet, or coloured which is a bit confusing. So I keep applying balls of pouffiness here and there, wondering if I have covered everything, it seems to just evapourate INTO my hair on contact. Obviously I have had a long dark mane of sponges on top of my head all these years.

Nope, no colour change and all the dye has soaked straight into my obviously quite porous hair, leaving it dry but kind of crunchy. I am baffled and half an hour later my hair has just about begun to darken, here and there! It hasn't actually made those stray greys go the rich chestnut brown I was expecting, it has just kind of subdued the contrast between them and the rest of my naturally brown hair, I have dirtied my hair...Huh? Eventually I decide to "wash it off" which is a bit surreal because I am trying to wash away not the dye (dissappeared on contact with my anti-matter hair) so much as the sound and texture of crunchiness.

I dried it, it's shiny and the colour is just a subdued version of what I had before I started except the greys are now more battleship than startling silver... I preferred the silver! I almost look like a black and white photo of myself, it's strange. I guess I will be reverting to glooppy, drippy, yukky wet dye again next time round.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Magical creatures

I'm sure by now you all know of my love for BJDs, but I've always been immune to tinnies and anthros... well, I doubt there will ever be a tiny to melt my heart, they usually make me feel a little queasy, BUT, just look at these little anthro critters! They are so cute and have a real fairytale feel that is so missing in the Asian Anthro dolls (for me anyway). I love The Mushroom Peddlar and need to start saving again obviously! Check them out here

Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is just Bl**dy ridiculous! After 24 hours etsy sign in suddenly accepted my usual password, having rejected it countless times during the day and last night. WHY? Why does it still reject the latest temporary password that etsy's own automated sign in service sent to me?

And the most annoying thing, the sign in no longer auto-fills and even if I check the "Keep me signed" in box, everytime I go back to etsy I have to manually type my user name/password despite them both being in my autofill and it being turned on... Gggrrrrr. All this in the same week that Photobucket - already one of the most annoying sites on the internet -decided it would only accept Facebook IDs as a log-in, so I am locked out of there too!

Yes, I do have a Facebook page but I never go there and can't remember my password :o(

Friday, March 18, 2011

Exiled from Etsy

Feeling rather baffled and angry right now (and I was so happy only moments ago, but that's another story)... went to check my etsy shop and thought it a bit unusual that my Auto-fill wasn't signing me in. Hold on, etsy is rejecting my auto-fill password, but how can that be?

So I go through the process of requesting a new password, it sends you an email with a link, you click that to prove who you are then they send you a set of numbers as your new password. So I type in the password and hey presto? Eeeer, No Presto! So I must have typed it in wrong? So I copy and paste the new password, still rejected. I went thought he whole process over and over but still no access to my own d*mn shop!

So eventually I figure there is something wrong with the new password and request another, same frustrating hooo-haaa all over again! Then I get angry and decide to complain to Esty Help, except of course I CAN'T unless I sign in!!!!!! DOH

Madalyn Update

Hi, just a quick update on the Souldoll Madalyn Head Group Order. The DOA member organising the list of 50 will not be taking any money or organising delivery, she just has to present the list of contacts to Souldoll who will then cast 50 heads and deal direct with the people on the list. Souldoll are a well established, respectable and reliable Korean company that have an english website and a great rep, so no worries.

So, you do not have to be a DOA member to join the GO! Yay! If anyone is interested please contact me (see my profile) and I will pass your info onto the Group Order organiser as I do not want to publicly divulge her email here. Madalyn's beautiful head could be yours soon! ;o)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have to say this is one of the most disgusting and blatant cases of copyright and art theft I have ever seen. Korean BJD company Leeke or Leekeworld, have released a new doll called Mikhalia, a straight up no holds barred COPY of an original art doll by French BJD Artists Dust of Dolls. Leeke don't have a leg to stand on as they visited DoD's stall at a French Doll convention, last Autumn, and took many photos of their original doll, Puns, and exchanged business cards. Leeke now claim no knowledge of this, despite the fact that those photos can clearly be seen on the work table next to the early scuplts of their doll Mikhalia! Unbelieveable!

That's the last time I go browsing through Leeke's extensive wig collection! My BJDs will go bald if buying from them becomes the only option, at least until they withdraw that doll or give a full apaology to Dust of Dolls!

Dust of Dolls

Calling all Madalyn fans

I don't know if I have any DOA member readers but thought it worth mentioning the Group Order for Souldoll's stunning new Madalyn head. Many of us have fallen hard for this sculpt but sadly Souldoll has no plans to make the head available separately, and the Zenith Girl body is one big lady!

Two DOA members have approached Souldoll and have been offered the chance to have a limited edition of just 50 heads produced, but we need 38 people more to reach that goal. You can choose either white or natural resin and will deal directly with Souldoll once the list of 50 is complete. This is the link if you are interested:


Sunday, March 13, 2011


Amazing photoshoot over at Haute Macabre, take a look...