Thursday, January 6, 2011

BJD Making experiment 5

Hhhmmmm... decided to return to the BJD experiment after all... the Oasis flower arranging foam has it's uses, i love it as a form for sculpting and moulding into blocky substantial shapes which then get covered in paperclay... but have to admit failure when it comes to things like arms and legs. These thin spindly structures are apt to break long before I get the chance to cover them in Paperclay. I am also battling my natural inclination toward making things LARGE.

I can't help it. All the sculpture I produced in High school and on my Arts Foundation course were huge. My cloth dolls grow exponentially if I don't keep an eye on them. I've been thinking about this today and wonder why on earth I have decided to make an MSD sized BJD? Why try and master something really difficult and new then additionally hobble myself with the size issue as well?

I think I am decided to finish off this experiment as some sort of doll torso and find another way to create limbs, but I will re-start the BJD experiment as an SD (60cm) size doll from scratch. It makes more sense to work at a size I am more comfortable with and most of the resin Asian Ball Jointed Dolls in my collection are also SD size.

No-one said this would be plain sailing! :o)

Sorry, my pics came out terrible will post them tomorrow!


Daydream Retreat said...

Can't wait to see pics!

Amion said...

Aww you gave up?
Well, it might be a good idea if you have a problem with size to make him/her an SD.

I try to make a doll myself but I used polymer clay instead of paper so it is a bit different.

I really hope to see your creations soon!

Yve said...

Ohh Noooo, NOT giving up at all! Just reassessing and going bigger. The original smaller torso and hands have just been adapted for different joints, she just needs some legs.

Haven't had time to work on it since, maybe at the weekend :o)