Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ooops, sorry...

Hi, huge apologies to everyone. I was intending to do a giveaway and take part in the last ever One World One Heart event this weekend but so many things are happening at the moment that I simply ran out of time to put stuff together. I have a vast amount of freelance work on, hence no more updates on the BJD for a while and the best news: I am getting ready to move back down to Buckinghamshire in April for a 6 month house sitting stint. Lots to plan and do right now, it's an exciting time for me :o)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On the up!

Just thought I'd let you know, after the last post, that Visa have refunded my payment to Dollfair. For me at least a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the scores of other doll enthusiasts who are still caught up in the Dollfair mess will also get a good result soon. I have also been finally sent a 7 month overdue invoice payment by an EX design client, Needless to say, I won't be working with them again, or shopping with Dollfair any time soon!

Feeling good today though, got back last night from a great weekend away with friends and feel up for anything right now. Have a mountain of freelance work to plow though (lunch time right now!) then back to doll making with a revengeance... YAY!!! :o)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dollfair: A Warning

I'm sure many of my readers (Hiya, wavey hand) are also BJD fans and even own a few. I'd just like to refer you to this website:

Dollfair Help Page

It has been set up by Nocturne of Silence from the Den of Angels BJD forum to warn people about just what they are letting themselves in for if they order a doll from the US BJD company "Dollfair" which also trades under the names of "Atelier Nouveau" and "Enchantment Doll" (Not to be confused with Marina Brychkova's Enchanted Doll, although I think any confusion has been deliberately fostered on Dollfair's part). The company acts as an english language portal for respected Korean names like Narin, Supia and Limhwa dolls , and you may not even be aware that the website you are buying from is actually Dollfair.

Why am I concerned? Well, because I paid Dollfair in full for a Sleetwealth Briar doll marked as in stock on November the 1st, and like so many people involved my emails are either met with silence or strangely familiar excuses. I have twice been told that my doll is ready to be shipped and that I would receive a tracking number the next day, I receive nothing! People on DOA have been waiting for dolls/refunds as far back as February 2010.

Non of this reflects badly on Anita Collins, the US artist who created Sleetwealth Briar, and former fellow ADO member. I knew she had been previously represented by Dollfair and so didn't worry too much. She has since told me that she is no longer associated with Dollfair at all and that they do not have permission to be selling her dolls anymore, or at least taking money for her dolls, as they have no stock to sell. This is a familiar story with many of the other artists involved. This is what Anita has to say on her blog:


I just want to warn people that dealing with this company is a bit like buying a lottery ticket, you may win, ie: get what you paid for, or you are just as likely to join the growing number of us who get nothing at all except a churning stomach and sleepless nights.

Be warned!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Snowy Morning

Most of the time the snow has looked slushy, dirty and annoying. I woke to a fresh blanket of lovely crisp white this morning, makes you go "Aaaahhhhh, isn't it pretty" all over again... here are some views from the bedroom windows. Needless to say, 8 hours later it has turned to slush as the rain came on!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

BJD Making experiment 5

Hhhmmmm... decided to return to the BJD experiment after all... the Oasis flower arranging foam has it's uses, i love it as a form for sculpting and moulding into blocky substantial shapes which then get covered in paperclay... but have to admit failure when it comes to things like arms and legs. These thin spindly structures are apt to break long before I get the chance to cover them in Paperclay. I am also battling my natural inclination toward making things LARGE.

I can't help it. All the sculpture I produced in High school and on my Arts Foundation course were huge. My cloth dolls grow exponentially if I don't keep an eye on them. I've been thinking about this today and wonder why on earth I have decided to make an MSD sized BJD? Why try and master something really difficult and new then additionally hobble myself with the size issue as well?

I think I am decided to finish off this experiment as some sort of doll torso and find another way to create limbs, but I will re-start the BJD experiment as an SD (60cm) size doll from scratch. It makes more sense to work at a size I am more comfortable with and most of the resin Asian Ball Jointed Dolls in my collection are also SD size.

No-one said this would be plain sailing! :o)

Sorry, my pics came out terrible will post them tomorrow!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yay! New Year, New start

It's a whole new beginning here at Freaky Little Things. 12 months is a long time to be out of action. Throughout the year I started to make several dolls but gave up along the way for one reason or another and they have all been consigned to the bin along with the dolls I started but didn't finish at the latter end of 2009. The only dolls I have made and been happy with at all this year have been the articulated paper "Vampire Showgirls", apart from the paper dolls my sketch pad has gathered dust, I rarely draw.

I have even wondered if I wanted to continue making art dolls at all anymore. Then I see the work of Dorote of "Tireless Artist" and Julien Martinez. Both have a unique vision and incredible attention to detail, their creativity matched by their technical skills. Basically, I look at their work in awe and know I want to make better dolls for 2011 :o)