Thursday, December 9, 2010

making dolls again

So annoying that I have finished 2 dolls over the past few days and can't show you photos of either of them as they have been sent away as Christmas presents! But, yay!!! back making dolls again ;o)


Abi said...

What! you kidding... I wanted to see them.

Yve said...

Tough! Tee hee, I'm so out of the loop this year, I actually wrapped and posted both without even taking photos... it's all coming back to me though, slowly :o)

Georgina said...

Yve, have I been in Siberia or have you?? LOL Haven't seen hide or hair of your posts...glad you're back! And I'm with Abi, I wanted to see those little darlins' too!!


Yve said...

Tee hee, actually it's been cold enough for Siberia here! Don't worry, back on the dolly-train finally, my sewing machine leg is recovered!!! :o)