Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BJD Making experiment

I bought 2 big blocks of styrofoam earlier, to start carving out my first attempt at making a BJD! Whether the results are great or terrible, I will be reporting my efforts here as and when I make progress. I guess this is going to be a steep learning curve, wish me luck!!! :o)


niknik said...

Удачи! Это не так страшно как кажется)))))q

Yve said...

According to BabelFish, Niknik says:"Successes! This is not so terrible as it seems!" which is a huge encouragement! Thanks :o)

I've decided I will record every success AND disaster here as there really isn't that much on the internet in english, so hopefully my folly will be helpful to someone else one day ;o)

Marisa Stein said...

oh good luck, I want to make one so bad but I wouldn't know where to start

I shall be watching your blog for updates and inspiration!!