Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BJD Making experiment 4

OK, so the torso and head are now covered in Paydur and ready for the LaDoll to be applied, yay! The not so great thing is that I am having to work in general family rooms right now because of the sub-zero temperatures (there are no radiators in my work room and the little electric heater just can't cope) and I found leaving the papydur to dry overnight wasn't great because once the fires go out the temp drops really quickly and the papydur just doesn't fully dry through. It was taking forever and being a pretty impatient sort by nature, I put the arms and legs on the radiator next morning...

DISASTER!!! Someone managed to knock one of the arms off and trod on it! This has since been repaired but what happened to the legs was worse! Some of you may have already guessed, because they are long and slim they bowed really atrociously... cue Captain Quint from Jaws singing "Here's to swimming with bow-legged women". I wondered if I could gently bend them back to a straight position, this went really well up until the moment that one snapped! The other is in the bin... guess I get to start again on the legs!

Maybe this is the end of my BJD experiment for the moment?

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