Monday, December 6, 2010

Big thank you to Onewithwings for including my Rococo Macabre paper doll in her collection of Buxom Beauties, see them all here:



Abi said...

Wow - great treasury.
How's the doll making going?
Mines been interupted with those adorbable and hungry piggys!!!

What's next on the animal front, I wonder....

Yve said...

I just finished a doll today and had to get it in the post and sent to the States ASAP so no piccies! Annoying, but it's a Christmas present so I couldn't put them on the blog til after then, maybe she will send some photos to me.

I still can't get over the pigs! That is so funny, you will get a zoo-full pretty soon. I guess maybe for a farmer or small holding the cost of feed is more than the price they would get for their stock and then they would be in real trouble. Poor little piggies! Still, now they are pampered pets ;o)