Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks Blogger... NOT!!!

Great, it seems you can have one of their dull as ditch water templates and all your widgets and extras OR, the old style customizable 3rd party template with NO gadgets, widgets or whatever... Cheers Blogger! If anyone has figured out how to put a customized template up instead of the dull ones supplied and not lose all your widgets, please let me know how you achieved it, you cunning Alchemist, you!


Ayala Art said...

Well..... I was afraid that was the case so I have not done any of their new things in my blog. I have the old blog (since 5 years ago) and I customize and refresh every year. I helped my daughter with a new one and I could see all the difference. I frankly don't like their limited list of backgrounds so I stay with 3rd party stuff :oP
Good luck!

Yve said...

So annoyng, why do they have to try and control everything? The whole point is that people like their blog to look different not all be standardized.