Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rococo Macabre

Here is my latest Vampire Showgirl Paper Art Doll... Gotta love those Rococo wigs! A friend has just informed me that the crossed scissors on her shoes mean she's a lovely lady lesbian Vampire. Who knows what these naughty showgirls get up to? In the shop tomorrow :o)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks Blogger... NOT!!!

Great, it seems you can have one of their dull as ditch water templates and all your widgets and extras OR, the old style customizable 3rd party template with NO gadgets, widgets or whatever... Cheers Blogger! If anyone has figured out how to put a customized template up instead of the dull ones supplied and not lose all your widgets, please let me know how you achieved it, you cunning Alchemist, you!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogger blues

How fantastic, I tried out the new Blogger templates just to see what they are like (pretty lame as usual) and then decided to go back to the old style "classic" template because I want to use an Itkupilli background, so dear old blogger has wiped all my links all my widgets, everything! Thanks a bunch!!! And even worse I can't add them back if I want to continue using this Minima template because you no longer have access to ADd a Gadget and all that unless you use one of the new templates... if you use one of the new templates, you can't use your own choice of template!!!! It loads in, but only displays from halfway down the page!

Bl**dy annoying >;o+

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ooops. another Vampire Showgirl

Ooops - forgot to include Wilhelmina!

Vampire Showgirls - New Paper Art Dolls in shop

Meet Irmalene and Wilhelmina, two lovely show girls from the Chorus line of Weirdly Nightshade's "Theatre Macabre", they are dying to entertain you!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Big ankle-Big decision!

Ggggrrrr.... have come to a big decision - after spending about 15 minutes at the sewing machine last night... I'm going to have to mothball any cloth doll making for a while longer until my D*mned Ankle FINALLY heals. It's been 9 months, my ankle X-rayed from every conceivable angle, everyone, the physio AND the Doctor, now agree that it behaves like a break that won't knit, but no-one can find the actual break/fracture on X-Rays... and now we all agree that my ligament was partially detached at the heel, which is why it's taken so long to "heal" (if an ankle that still occasionally goes black, swells dramatically and is impossible to put my weight on can be said to have healed!). Still no actual diagnosis from anyone other than the specialist I waited months to see (he said it was a "Rugby style" injury and that I should have gone straight to A&E after my initial fall), and a small amount of time on the sewing machine foot peddle causes pain and huge swelling in said annoying extremity. Then the throbbing starts and my whole leg goes a bit crazy. My ankle looks like a balloon today! Just the one!!!

I can't get on the boots I was wearing yesterday, well, the left foot is fine of course and has a full wardrobe of shoes, boots, heels at it's disposal but old Righty is malignantly demanding I stick to the one pair of rather gamey unlaced trainers. In my wilder moments believe me, I HAVE considered wearing a nice shoe with heel on the left and the trainer on the right but I sound like Long John Silver when I approach, and, the look isn't so hot either!

So fed up with this! But fear not, I haven't been idle, my tiny brain has gone into Paper Doll over drive and I've made 2 Altered Art witch Paper Dolls since this morning and more on the way. I've got allsorts of mad ideas about paper engineered theatres and sets plus little figures, both original artwork by me and altered vintage elements. Having great fun and once the supplies I've ordered online get delivered I should be stocking up the shop ready for the Holiday season. I think the brads and thick card will be here early next week so new items will be filtering into the shop from then on. Oh, and if you remember my old prints from last year, some old friends are getting a reworking and will be available as postcard sets, including the still requested Mighty Boosh illustration :o)