Thursday, September 9, 2010

Travis Louie

I am notoriously camera shy, always have been and was recently told off by a friend for posting this pic of dear old Bette Davies on a dating website profile that I don't use but can't delete and keep getting sent "matches" for (well, I thought it would sort the men from the boys, so to speak... tee hee)...


A friend in the States just asked me what I look like and I have forwarded this beautiful portrait "Molly Bad Hair" by the amazingly talented Travis Louie, ok, so it's not actually a portrait of me, doesn't actually look like me... but it SHOULD be me, look what he says about her:

"Some say she was from Yorkshire, . . . but she was really from Wales. She was blamed for all the bad hair in that region. In 1897, she was forced to leave her country on a steam boat bound for New York. By the time the ship had reached the harbor, all of the passengers on board had acquired her " Bad Hair" They were not amused."


I love Travis Louie, and I have REALLY BAD HAIR right now too!


Sue said...

Bad hair? Me too! B

I do love the photo by Travis Louie - his work is amazing.


Janet Ghio said...

Too funny-love the photo of Bette--did you get any responses? and the bad hair story-very good!

Yve said...

Hhhhmmm, how can I break this to any woman who hasn't ever been on a dating site or to speed dating...? You know the stories of sailors on very long voyages who mistook Dugongs and seals and such for mermaids? Well, on dating sites the guys are the modern equivalent of men on a very long voyage! If you have the faintset hint of a pulse - they want to meet you!

Fabby Dolls said...

Very funny and great photo!