Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nosdalia the Vampire

My 2 witches are almost finished and will hopefully be listed later in the week if it remains quiet on the Freelance front (almost the whole weekend off, unheard of!) but here are the sketches for my candlestick Vampire Nosdalia... funny name addmitedly, Nos Da means goodnight in Welsh and I thought it sounded nice!?! She has the candlestick base that I was initially using for the disastrous Burlesque Challenge doll from earlier this year (The rest of her is in the bin!) and the only paperclay torso to escape Fridays cull!

I got to thinking about how those side hoops under Tudor/Rococo gowns are called panniers because they resemble upside down baskets, well a pannier is also a basket you carry food around in... and in Elizabethan times women often wore posies and oranges hung from ribbons tied to those panniers to scent under their skirts. Obviously my mind turned to food, as it so often does, and I figure a Vampire would probably suspend snacks under her panniers, bits of bone with some juicy flesh still attached, a mouse corpse appetiser, the odd skull maybe? We shall see... :o)



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Brenda Figueroa said...

love your drawings so creative!