Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Making dolls again

Yay!!! Came to a natural halt in my design work earlier so decided to spend the afternoon making dolls (shock horror, I know, who's have thought!!!) so grabbed the two most nearly complete gals from my sewing desk and took them downstairs to get some fabric paints and acrylics applied to the bare Calico... that took all of an hour... now I have to leave them to dry out... grrrr! I hate waiting. I'm usually best with lots of dolls at different stages but this year has been such a wash out.

I found two head/torso dolls that I need to sew limbs for and skipped (metaphorically of course, that really would finish my ankle off!) over to the sewing desk.... well... as close as I can get to the sewing desk through the clutter. Harrummph! So, before I can do anymore doll making I really need to clear up around here and excavate the desk and find the lead for the sewing machine.

Am I in the mood to tidy up right now? NO, of course not! >:o(

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