Monday, September 13, 2010

Fat is a Forty-something issue!

OK, flabby little hand up, I put on 3 stone after Christmas because after a battle with pain-killer induced vomiting my mystery injury kept me off my feet for so long. In my defence, I defy anyone to be in constant intense pain, unable to move, in a non-central heated house, through one of the coldest Winters on record, to NOT get a bit down and turn to the munchies for comfort... and that extra thick layer of flab was bl**dy good insulation let me tell you! It works for Seals doesn't it?

So, I am doing physio now, I joined Weight Watchers, I have been trying reasonably hard to lose some of those porky pounds. They are going, I wasn't fat before this so why shouldn't I get back into my favourite clothes by Christmas? I am not FAT now, just carrying some extra poundage round the middle. But what doesn't help is when you go to the Doctors and have to defend yourself about why you aren't losing it faster. I mentioned the fact that I would lose a lot more, a lot quicker if my ankle wasn't still so bad, and got a lecture about how the only way to get better is to exercise! Then I mentioned the fact that the physio was quite alarmed at just how quickly and badly my ankle swells whenever I do certain movements, how she advised to keep the leg up with an ice pack on whenever my ankle does that... the Doc just went, "Oh, yeah, actually there is quite a fine balancing act between good exercise and making things worse".... Great! Excuse me if I take the physio's advice over yours!

Then I waddled my not even slightly porky little self over to the dispensing chemist with a big black cloud over my head and got asked if I minded filling out some questionaire about Diabetes risk? I think I have very little risk of such so thought, yeah, what the hell, while I wait for my Migraine pills. That involved being weighed, having my waist measurement taken and my height charted... they confirmed that I am very low risk of diabetes BUT then cheerfully pointed out that I am roughly a stone over my ideal weight and at my age I really should think about an exercise programme and perhaps dieting... ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

She even asked if the "menopause" (that word has to be whispered in public places by ladies of a certain disposition I have noticed) was the cause, I quite curtly pointed out that NO: I'm fine for hormones right now thanks, and she said, with a dramatic roll of the eyes "Ohhhh, you have all that to come yet". I wandered home lonely as a clown (or whatever Wordsworth was banging on about) and felt like crawling back into bed and pulling the duvet over my head... or eating a huge bar of Cadburys :o(


Sue said...

Oh gosh, I can so relate! I have put on approx. 50 lbs since my mid 40s and have repeatedly lost and gained back 15 of them. Have to buckle down and get all of it off NOW!

Good luck, it has to be hard with your ankle problem.


Kelly said...

Hon, I have no idea how much a stone is...since I am in the states. Nor do I have the slightest idea what you look like. BUT...I can tell you two very important things.

The first is that this most likely seems like a huge thing to have gained some weight. And if you choose to let it you will be governed by it until you get rid of it. Choose not to be governed by it.

Which leads me to the second important thing. 3 stone one way or the other does not change that you are beautiful. Menopause doesn't change it. Nothing changes it unless you choose to become a slave to something unworthy of so much self inflicted frustration.

Choose not to be governed by something so trivial. If you lose the weight, good for you. If you don't, wear it proudly as a battle scar for what you have been through. And know that many of us have traveld down that road before you.

I had three surgeries in two years, one of which was a hysterectomy, also shoulder and hand surgery. I gained weight from not being as active as I was due to the need to heal, and I was thrown instantly into menopause.

SIX YEARS later...that weight has finally decided it's time to move on. But in the mean time I had to learn to come to terms with it and realize how very unimportant it really was. Maybe...just maybe...that's why it decided to move on now. It had no power over the other areas of my life. So it moved on to someone it could control.

I know my comment was long, and maybe a little sappy...but I hope somewhere in you, you take what I said to heart, because sometimes sappy is the only way to say something worth hearing.

Hugs, Kelly

Yve said...

Thank you for your comments ladies and hugs to both of you. I felt so crushed yesterday to be honest and last night I gave a lot of thought to how we view "Fat People" and came to some conclusions that will probably wind up as a second post this week.

There's 14lbs in a stone so I have gained roughly 42lbs, give or take in about 10 months, if that is about 4 lbs a month then I am losing it around the same rate that I gained it, but it's the changed attitude to me from other people that is upsetting, and I guess my attitude to myself. Good luck to both or you and look out for more on this "weighty" topic (Sorry. couldn't resist the pun) :o)

Fabby Dolls said...

Yve, Kelly is so right - do not beat yourself up! Health should be the motivator for weigh loss, not what other people think of you. Slow and steady is the best. I love the look of your sight and I will be back again to visit! Did you get the "gifts" I sent with Rosie??

BlackCrow said...

I know how you feel!! I'm in my mid 40's now and every birthday since turning forty came with some sort of new health issue!!
My weight is pretty good at the moment I do try and go for walks and jogs but I agree the cold weather doesn't make it very inspiring...and boy has it been cold down here in Tasmania!
Can't be much fun with a sore ankle...but in the meantime spoil yourself!

Yve said...

Yes, thank you Deena :o) I keep meaning to drop you a line on Ning, but you know how it goes, sorry! Grace, I know what you mean, i felt so cocky on my 40th because I could still do the splits! come 41 and I started falling apart!!!

t's actually quite funny how your body gives this false indication of ageing well right up until that fateful birthday, then it's like some switch gets pulled and everything starts to wrinkle,prune,bloat, crack, creak and basically fall off! :o*