Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change of heart

Creativity is such a weird thing. I was all raring to make dolls yesterday and then hit the enormous "messy room" obstacle and remembered that earlier this year, when I was first up and about again, that I cleared out my entire fabric stockpile. I reduced it down to two huge plastic stack boxes with 4 drawers each, ram packed with fabric I can't bear to part with. Before that it was everywhere in bags and boxes and piles and all over the bottom of the wardrobe.

I congratulated myself heartily and decided that the trims and ribbon stash would be next (I imagine just untangling them will take an hour or two!) but then of course the freelance work started to come back in and I never got round to it. In between freelancing a whole 6 months of accounts and book keeping needed catching up with (Joy, my FAVOURITE....NOT!!!!) and that all got left in piles on the floor around the sewing desk... you know... those special piles, receipts in one, invoices in another, bank statements here, Sales records there... you know those piles?

The same piles that return to their original disarray when excitable kitties chase spiders into the middle of them? The same piles that sometime blow away under the filing cabinet when you retrieve said Kitty? If the Tax Man decides to audit me he may have to scrape flattened spider squish from a few of those records, but, hey ho! Well, this afternoon I found a bag full of plastic wallets with months written on then and finally sorted the "piles" into something workable and filed them all away... Hurrah!

Anyhoooo, by this time the desk was almost accessible, just the ton of tangled junk ON it to sort through. That has now been "sorted" into, you've guessed it... piles on the floor! Will I never learn? During this arduous process I came across the mangled bodies of several Art Dolls that I have started work on during the year... great you think... wrong. It's what I mean about Creativity. Since I started these dolls all those months ago during my bed confined months my head has travelled elsewhere and these creatures no longer relate to me somehow.

I've stared at them long and hard and know this isn't what I want to do. Freaky Little Things has to get back on track and I need to start afresh somehow. I get such a buzz from the paper dolls I'm making (when I get the chance) and so tomorrow,when the room is finally ready for business, I need to start on totally NEW dolls. Only 2 Witches that are almost finished remain, all the others have gone in a bin bag! Watch this space...

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Zan Asha said...

Ahh, Yve, I sort of had to chuckle at this--simply because I've been in the exact same position and, truly, I agree, it's rather a hair pulling time getting organized. But hurrah that you've pulled through it and I can't wait to see your finished dolls!