Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nosdalia the Vampire

My 2 witches are almost finished and will hopefully be listed later in the week if it remains quiet on the Freelance front (almost the whole weekend off, unheard of!) but here are the sketches for my candlestick Vampire Nosdalia... funny name addmitedly, Nos Da means goodnight in Welsh and I thought it sounded nice!?! She has the candlestick base that I was initially using for the disastrous Burlesque Challenge doll from earlier this year (The rest of her is in the bin!) and the only paperclay torso to escape Fridays cull!

I got to thinking about how those side hoops under Tudor/Rococo gowns are called panniers because they resemble upside down baskets, well a pannier is also a basket you carry food around in... and in Elizabethan times women often wore posies and oranges hung from ribbons tied to those panniers to scent under their skirts. Obviously my mind turned to food, as it so often does, and I figure a Vampire would probably suspend snacks under her panniers, bits of bone with some juicy flesh still attached, a mouse corpse appetiser, the odd skull maybe? We shall see... :o)



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change of heart

Creativity is such a weird thing. I was all raring to make dolls yesterday and then hit the enormous "messy room" obstacle and remembered that earlier this year, when I was first up and about again, that I cleared out my entire fabric stockpile. I reduced it down to two huge plastic stack boxes with 4 drawers each, ram packed with fabric I can't bear to part with. Before that it was everywhere in bags and boxes and piles and all over the bottom of the wardrobe.

I congratulated myself heartily and decided that the trims and ribbon stash would be next (I imagine just untangling them will take an hour or two!) but then of course the freelance work started to come back in and I never got round to it. In between freelancing a whole 6 months of accounts and book keeping needed catching up with (Joy, my FAVOURITE....NOT!!!!) and that all got left in piles on the floor around the sewing desk... you know... those special piles, receipts in one, invoices in another, bank statements here, Sales records there... you know those piles?

The same piles that return to their original disarray when excitable kitties chase spiders into the middle of them? The same piles that sometime blow away under the filing cabinet when you retrieve said Kitty? If the Tax Man decides to audit me he may have to scrape flattened spider squish from a few of those records, but, hey ho! Well, this afternoon I found a bag full of plastic wallets with months written on then and finally sorted the "piles" into something workable and filed them all away... Hurrah!

Anyhoooo, by this time the desk was almost accessible, just the ton of tangled junk ON it to sort through. That has now been "sorted" into, you've guessed it... piles on the floor! Will I never learn? During this arduous process I came across the mangled bodies of several Art Dolls that I have started work on during the year... great you think... wrong. It's what I mean about Creativity. Since I started these dolls all those months ago during my bed confined months my head has travelled elsewhere and these creatures no longer relate to me somehow.

I've stared at them long and hard and know this isn't what I want to do. Freaky Little Things has to get back on track and I need to start afresh somehow. I get such a buzz from the paper dolls I'm making (when I get the chance) and so tomorrow,when the room is finally ready for business, I need to start on totally NEW dolls. Only 2 Witches that are almost finished remain, all the others have gone in a bin bag! Watch this space...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Making dolls again

Yay!!! Came to a natural halt in my design work earlier so decided to spend the afternoon making dolls (shock horror, I know, who's have thought!!!) so grabbed the two most nearly complete gals from my sewing desk and took them downstairs to get some fabric paints and acrylics applied to the bare Calico... that took all of an hour... now I have to leave them to dry out... grrrr! I hate waiting. I'm usually best with lots of dolls at different stages but this year has been such a wash out.

I found two head/torso dolls that I need to sew limbs for and skipped (metaphorically of course, that really would finish my ankle off!) over to the sewing desk.... well... as close as I can get to the sewing desk through the clutter. Harrummph! So, before I can do anymore doll making I really need to clear up around here and excavate the desk and find the lead for the sewing machine.

Am I in the mood to tidy up right now? NO, of course not! >:o(

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tattered but not boring!

You know me, big fan of all things quirky... I found a newish shop Tattered Moon on etsy and really like the dolls. They often have wings made from old gloves, I like! :o)



Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miss Rosie in the shop

Sadly I have decided to put Miss Rosie Pimlico up for sale. Most of the other TDP participating artists are keeping their dolls but as she is the only finished doll I have managed to have a hand in this year... we have to part! Catch up on all the artists involved and take a retrospective trip with all the Travelling dolls at:


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shop reopened

Ok, so it turns out that my shop reopening doesn't really warrant a ticker tape parade or fireworks, but at least I have a new logo! I've been so snowed under with design work (that's a GOOD thing of course, especially after such an extended absence!) lately that I have had no chance to finish off any new dolls yet (a few are not far off though) and so the shop will gradually fill up as I get a chance to work on things between now and the end of October. So check back occasionally to see the new stuff :o)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fat is a Forty-something issue!

OK, flabby little hand up, I put on 3 stone after Christmas because after a battle with pain-killer induced vomiting my mystery injury kept me off my feet for so long. In my defence, I defy anyone to be in constant intense pain, unable to move, in a non-central heated house, through one of the coldest Winters on record, to NOT get a bit down and turn to the munchies for comfort... and that extra thick layer of flab was bl**dy good insulation let me tell you! It works for Seals doesn't it?

So, I am doing physio now, I joined Weight Watchers, I have been trying reasonably hard to lose some of those porky pounds. They are going, I wasn't fat before this so why shouldn't I get back into my favourite clothes by Christmas? I am not FAT now, just carrying some extra poundage round the middle. But what doesn't help is when you go to the Doctors and have to defend yourself about why you aren't losing it faster. I mentioned the fact that I would lose a lot more, a lot quicker if my ankle wasn't still so bad, and got a lecture about how the only way to get better is to exercise! Then I mentioned the fact that the physio was quite alarmed at just how quickly and badly my ankle swells whenever I do certain movements, how she advised to keep the leg up with an ice pack on whenever my ankle does that... the Doc just went, "Oh, yeah, actually there is quite a fine balancing act between good exercise and making things worse".... Great! Excuse me if I take the physio's advice over yours!

Then I waddled my not even slightly porky little self over to the dispensing chemist with a big black cloud over my head and got asked if I minded filling out some questionaire about Diabetes risk? I think I have very little risk of such so thought, yeah, what the hell, while I wait for my Migraine pills. That involved being weighed, having my waist measurement taken and my height charted... they confirmed that I am very low risk of diabetes BUT then cheerfully pointed out that I am roughly a stone over my ideal weight and at my age I really should think about an exercise programme and perhaps dieting... ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

She even asked if the "menopause" (that word has to be whispered in public places by ladies of a certain disposition I have noticed) was the cause, I quite curtly pointed out that NO: I'm fine for hormones right now thanks, and she said, with a dramatic roll of the eyes "Ohhhh, you have all that to come yet". I wandered home lonely as a clown (or whatever Wordsworth was banging on about) and felt like crawling back into bed and pulling the duvet over my head... or eating a huge bar of Cadburys :o(

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Travis Louie

I am notoriously camera shy, always have been and was recently told off by a friend for posting this pic of dear old Bette Davies on a dating website profile that I don't use but can't delete and keep getting sent "matches" for (well, I thought it would sort the men from the boys, so to speak... tee hee)...


A friend in the States just asked me what I look like and I have forwarded this beautiful portrait "Molly Bad Hair" by the amazingly talented Travis Louie, ok, so it's not actually a portrait of me, doesn't actually look like me... but it SHOULD be me, look what he says about her:

"Some say she was from Yorkshire, . . . but she was really from Wales. She was blamed for all the bad hair in that region. In 1897, she was forced to leave her country on a steam boat bound for New York. By the time the ship had reached the harbor, all of the passengers on board had acquired her " Bad Hair" They were not amused."


I love Travis Louie, and I have REALLY BAD HAIR right now too!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guerilla Craft Club

Wish I wasn't so far away or I would definitely want to be part of this!


"When: Friday, September 10, 2010 from 8:30 - 11:30 p.m.

Where: Orford House Social Club, 73 Orford Road, Walthamstowe Village, London, E17 9QR. Map.

How: Entry is £3 on the door and a small fee is charged per craft pack to cover the costs of materials. Closest station is Walthamstowe Central, accessible from the Victoria line, National Rail (from Liverpool Street) or by bus.

Who: Seasoned and novice crafters alike. We hope to inspire you into into making and doing, but if you're no good with your hands, use your feet instead!

What to Bring: Yourself, your friends, your dancing shoes and a good dose of creativity."


I borrowed the pics and text from Esty to tell you about it: "On the evening itself there will be a selection of ready-to-make craft packs created especially for the event, and tutors will be on hand to guide you through projects while DJ (and graphic designer) Jake Holloway spins some beats to get you in the making mood.

Whether you're craftily gifted or not, you can also enjoy a burlesque performance with Raymonde Cook, great live music courtesy of The Obscuritones, and learn a move or two at the free Lindy Hop dance workshop with the talented Jerome Anderson."

So, if you are "Darn Sarf" get yourself along, I'll be there in spirit ;o)