Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Etsy shop siesta

I've decide that as this year has been such a non-starter for Freaky Little Things thanks to my on going back/ankle problems, I am going to close the shop for 3-4 weeks. The summer months are often really quiet anyway so I doubt I'll be missed. When I re-open in September expect a whole new look, new stock and some surprises. Seems a more fun idea to re-launch rather than let my new items gradually trickle in as I get them finished.

I will be showing some enigmatic WIP pics on here in the meantime, but the new work won't be unveiled until the shop re-opens on Friday September the 17th :o)


Abi said...

Looking forward to seeing the 'new' shop!

Abi said...

I am afraid to admit this, but I was an Enid Blyton fan.... I know, it's terrible, but the Famous Five with Sammy the dog... loved em :O)

Yve said...

OK, thanks for that confession ABi, if somewhat random! :o) Tee hee