Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alice Paper Doll WIP

Here's a sneaky peek at my "Alice in Absinthia" Paper Doll, hope I get some time to work on her this week ;o) I just hope this one doesn't run into any copyright issues! Dear olf Lewis Carol has been too long in the ground but I think Disney own the rights now anyway... and they aren't in the least letigious are they? Tee hee... don't worry I am safe! Fingers crossed ;o)



Janet Ghio said...

She is great! LOVE her shoes!!

Marisa Stein said...

me too I love the shoes! (if I ever wore anything like that I'd fall down and break a leg!) I wish I were young enough to wear them.

Yve said...

They are based on a Val Zeitler red velvet pair I bought for my BJD dolls :o)