Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sewing again

Last night I managed a bit of time on my sewing machine, my ankle is achey this morning but not too bad... you know what this means? I will be able to get back to making my dolls pretty soon! I have my final doll to finish for the TDP, Angela Rosseau's Nadia, but as soon as she is on her way, I can concentrate on Freaky Little Things again. Yay! After so many false starts, you have no idea how relieved I am.

I managed to finish off this dress for Miss Beatrix Plum (my DOT E-an) and so now she doesn't have to wear elfdoll hand-me-downs with big safety pins in the back anymore! I'm off to get some lunch then get to work on Nadia, pictures later in the week :o)



Janet Ghio said...

Miss Beatrix Plum is so pretty. She looks like she has just sat down in that chair to cool off, after a hot walk around the plantation.

Yve said...

Tee hee :o)

Yovanka Black said...

VERY romantic, elegant and professional!!! Your work on this dress is just FLAWLESS!!!!

Also, I completely agree with miss Janet Ghio... she really does look like a southern girl cooling off ;)

FABULOUS work (as always)!

Kind regards