Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let's hear it for ADO!

I am a member of the Doll Group ADO (Much ADO about Art Dolls) and very proud of the fact. Because of my current problems I am not a particularly active member but that doesn't mean I am not benefitting from all the hard work that is done by and on behalf of the team by a relatively small group of members.

There are over 100 artists in this team, ALL of whom juggle perhaps full-time jobs, taking care of families and who knows what else with the very time consuming business of making beautiful and original hand-made dolls. That isn't an easy balancing act. A number of those very busy people also spend countless hours working to promote the team, and oganise and galvanise the 100+ members in lots of events and challenges. We ALL benefit from their work, ALL 100+ members, whether we ever give anything back to that team or not. I would have thought the word "TEAM" would be a giveaway that this is meant to be a group effort, you will get out of the experience as much as you are willing to put in, although often a lot more.

I can understand anyone having a bad day and writing a personal and emotional rant on their blog or website, we are all entitled to throw our dummy out of the pram on occasion and bawl out our eyes. It's a little embarrassing to do that in public, but what the hell, we are artists and public tantrums have not been dismissed as "artistic temperament" down the centuries for no reason!

What I find harder to understand and forgive is when that tantrum turns vindictive and petulant statements are made that hurt not just some vague concept of ADO, but actually the reputations of ALL 100+ Art Doll artists who are members of that team. THAT isn't artistic temperament that is plain rude. There are some very talented people out there who believe the world owes them a living and think that exceptions should be made because of their talent, they wear their egos and wounded pride like badges of honour and cry "poor me" all the time. They are very quick to point the finger when they imagine they have been wronged but go very quiet when it is their turn to apologise. People have sympathy for them for a time but eventually that sympathy wears thin... no-one is so talented that people endlessly forgive.

Other very talented individuals work just as hard, they tirelessly promote their work and are generous enough to try and help others around them, they do not begrudge the success of others and try to nurture fledgling talent when they see it. They rarely cry "poor me" and just get on with the day to day slog and people like them, people remember them and they get on in life and manage to get their work out there and get seen. Who becomes the bigger success is often in the Lap of The Gods but I know I prefer to deal with the latter.

And I'm happy to say that from my dealing the majority of the 100+ members of ADO are in the latter group


Abi said...

Well said Yve :O)

CindySowers said...

Is this a rant Yve?! Bwaahaaahahaha. You GO, girl! :)

Yve said...

Well it's my form of terribly correct BRITISH stiff upper lip ranting, yes ;o)

Yve said...

Oooops: Sorry to everyone else who commented on this post so far... I'm a bit new to this whole comment moderation thing and I think I might have pressed the wrong button!

I have so much chinese spam to dump, I think I may have sent you all off into oblivion, sorry. Thanks for the support & comments though, I did at least read them all! :o)

Abi said...

Hi Yve... I didn't tick the 'shipping everywhere' button. All fixed... thank you :O