Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dolly Shrine

My unintentionally long term project to restore an old bow fronted china cabinet to house my BJD collection is finally coming to a close, I hope. I saw it on Ebay last summer and it just happened to be located in a village in the hills above Holywell, ideal! It has sweet little Ball & Claw feet too! I got it for a great price and made arrangements to pick it up, then (notice the familiar theme) my back went. So the poor owners had to hang onto it for weeks while I recovered, they had needed it out of the way to redecorate! Ooops.

After a hair-raising journey home up and down some VERY steep hills with the cabinet roped into my open car boot, I took out the shelves and got to work sanding and removed the heavy varnish. Everyone who saw it said I was mad to paint it, that I would regret the decision, yet it is now looking fantastic in cream with antique gold edging. It got brought upstairs, a lovely silver metallic wallpaper was applied to the back so that it reflects the available light (in this room/cave that's a must!) and I figured that the week after Christmas I would easily have the intricate doors painted and rehung...

Regular readers will know how that went! My dollies have been sitting or standing in the cabinet with their legs swinging over the edge for the last 5 months... now that I am ready to sort out the doors I need to get everyone inside, so a tidy up was called for. What to do with the 3 floating heads? They seemed a bit macabre lying at the feet of the full dolls so I moved them up to sit on the little seat in my dolly shrine above the cabinet... how cute do they look?!!

Will post pics of the cabinet itself when the doors are back on... 2012, possibly?



TheBlakkDuchess said...

I'm excited to see it finished, whenever that may be! ^-^ And fear not, you are not alone in the realm of floating heads... I have several myself, all awaiting bodies... Alas, I am a poor student, so those poor heads may have to wait for just a bit longer... ^-^
Glad to see that you haven't given up on this epic project, and despite what others have said to the contrary, I think that the paint is lovely... perfect for housing your lovely BJDs! ^-^

Yve said...

Thank you :o) A lot of people hate floating heads but I think it's good because you can change the head when you change your mood, they all fit on the bodies I have at the moment so it works out quite well.