Thursday, May 20, 2010

Physio a-go-go

I may have said this before, but, last minute cancellations aside, this afternoon I have my first physio session... eeek! I've had physio before for my knee injury, 2 years ago, but somehow, knowing how fragile my back has been so far this year, I'm actually quite apprehensive.

At the same time I'm really excited and can't wait for my joints to start loosening up and get some flexibility and comfort back in my whole body, I'm too scared of doing the WRONG movements to try much myself. Hopefully in a week or 2 I will be back to making my dolls and getting on with all sorts as usual, because now, even though walking is a lot easier, sitting at the desk is a bit of a nightmare after about 30 minutes... and don't get me started on the sewing machine foot treadle!

Wish me luck :o)


FairiesNest said...

Best of luck!

jenclair said...

Good luck and great success!

Sue said...

Wishing you the best of luck on your therapy!