Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vindication afoot

Hhhmmm, I guess I feel a kind of vindication after seeing the Physiotherapist. Firstly it's great to hear that she thinks I can sort out all the problems with my back and that there is no nerve damage... so relieved, just like I was relieved when I got back the X-rays of my spine... which does show a curve but that should be corrected by exercise now... but she has also kind of given weight to a sneaking suspicion that I've had for a while...

I have had it in my head right from the start that my ankle (or some bone in very close proximity to my ankle) was broken... but how could that be if I was able to walk on it for weeks after I fell? Bones don't behave that way, do they? The first time I fell after going somersault over the heater at the beginning of December was about a week on, my ankle  just gave way and I went careering down a steep gravel path into some ornamental bushes on my way to Tesco one afternoon... non of the passers by took any notice, presumably thinking I was a drunk or that shrubbery diving was some new sport. I did have a few more wobbles but caught myself each time, right up until Christmas day, when my foot and lower leg had suddenly swollen up and were way too painful to put my weight on...

I have been so happy to see my dear old boney foot re-emerging from the squishy pain balloon with toes at the end I have had at the end of my right leg for the last 4 months... but apparently it isn't boney and, apparently, when someone digs their fingers into said boney/or-otherwise foot, the indentations of those fingers are not meant to still be there, clearly visible 5 minutes or more later. Physio thinks the swelling round my ankle has nothing to do with arthritis or sciatica, but is more likely the result of a significant injury, a break or fracture and so I am off for yet more X-Rays. I probably glow in the dark.

Hhhhmmm, on the one hand (or foot) I no longer care, I just want to continue improving, but on the other appendage, at least I now know I am not a complete hyperchondriac! Oh, and please note that I haven't stooped to pointing out that it has only taken FOUR MONTHS for someone to suggest that they might X-Ray my black, swollen, won't take any weight ankle.

Physio a-go-go

I may have said this before, but, last minute cancellations aside, this afternoon I have my first physio session... eeek! I've had physio before for my knee injury, 2 years ago, but somehow, knowing how fragile my back has been so far this year, I'm actually quite apprehensive.

At the same time I'm really excited and can't wait for my joints to start loosening up and get some flexibility and comfort back in my whole body, I'm too scared of doing the WRONG movements to try much myself. Hopefully in a week or 2 I will be back to making my dolls and getting on with all sorts as usual, because now, even though walking is a lot easier, sitting at the desk is a bit of a nightmare after about 30 minutes... and don't get me started on the sewing machine foot treadle!

Wish me luck :o)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Save me from SATC 2

Lordy! Sex & The City 2 already? I haven't even seen the first one yet! Quite willfully.

Don't get me wrong, I once loved the TV series and found it witty, original, taboo breaking, etc... but then the media got wind of this FABULOUS "phenomenon" and turned it into something that frankly makes me cringe. I can't turn on the TV or open a magazine without seeing FABULOUS SJP's oddly pretty horse faced countenance beaming out at me. I'm sick of quiz after quiz to find out "Which FABULOUS SATC girl are you?", articles telling me where to buy FABULOUS cheap Manolo rip off shoes (because obviously, being a woman, I can't live without them and think of nothing BUT shoes... OK, I sometimes think about shoes, I sometimes think about earwigs, wtf?), sick of articles on how to copy the "girl's" FABULOUS style (obviously I need to establish which FABULOUS SATC "girl" I am first, keep up!) and even ads on British TV for FABULOUS "Stool Softener" (I kid you not!!! For when the SATC "girls" get fabulously constipated!) featuring an inane SATC clone foursome.... Most of all I'm reallly fabulously sick of people saying "FABULOUS"....

Tooo much! WAY too much.

Like I said, I loved it once, back when it was witty and quirky, before it rested on it's laurels and started to get lost in it's own FABULOUSNESS.... I didn't go and see the film because I remembered how so-so the last few series became and frankly, on the TV, that isn't so bad because I can email people while it's on in the background... or just switch off... but when I've handed over half my life savings for a seat in the dark and a small tub of popcorn, I'm going to feel compelled to stay til the end... I thought I'd wait for it to appear on TV... except they've made a sequel before that even happened! Arrrrrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Clean slate?

As many of you following this blog will know (due to my constant moaning...tee hee) I have been really under the weather since Christmas, until maybe a fortnight ago. I am now going from strength to strength and keeping my fingers crossed that there will be no more set backs. I start Physio on the 20th and my DIET tomorrow (give me abreak, still lots of Birthday chocs left, seems ungrateful to throw them away!) so it's all systems go... I lost A LOT of weight in the spring while taking the evil painkillers, which bounced back with a vengeance once I stopped using them. I would just like to get back to somewhere happy and healthy in the middle.

Today I am cleaning my work space in preparation - the dust in here is phenomenal - I wish I had the energy to move the furniture around but I'm not even going to try. The thing is, I keep coming across abandoned projects. Sometimes it takes a few moments of thinking "what the ...?" before I even remember what I was intending them to be when I started them. What a difference a few months makes, some of these projects seem salvageable and some just seem "so last year!" I imagine they will go in the bin, frankly.

Anyone else ever find this? For whatever reason you have to leave a project unfinished and when you come back to it, either inspiration has entirely fled or you just want to go in a completely new direction with it. With all that's happened I feel a bit weighed down by all this clutter and am of half a mind (I could just finish that sentence right there!) to throw the whole lot out and start with a clean slate... we'll see ;O)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, even though I'm really old now... Happy Birthday to me! :o)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Good news?

Tee Hee, Cindy Sowers just emailed me to tell me good news and bad... my TDP doll, Miss Rosie Pimlico, is pictured in this issue of Contemporary Doll Collector (not actually sure of the magazine title, we don't have them in the UK)... so YAY!!!!!

The bad news? Well, apparently she is now called Ruby and was made by the lovely Abi Monroe! You win some, you lose some... I've never heard of the magazine, and I'm not going to get a copy, so I'm not going to get upset... you'll be glad to know that both Abi and Cindy also have their dolls pictured, I wonder who they are attributed to? At least this is a big mention for Art Dolls Only as a team, so hurrah for that :o)

Here is Miss Rosie as she currently looks after the attentions of Kaci of Fabby menagerie and Angela Rousseau



You can check out all the progress with the TDP dolls at the Flickr Group:
and HERE is the gorgeous real Ruby by Abi monroe :o)