Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunburn and volcanoes

Wow, after all that snow until recently today was absolutely scorching! Have been out in the garden sat propped up on loads of cushions and actually had to get into the shade in the end, just too hot in the sun.... yay!!!! Best make the most of it before we disappear under a huge cloud of Icelandic Volcanic Ash. Kind of ironic that it has held up shipment of a paper clay order, I think volcanic ash is one of the main ingredients!


Sarah said...

I had a brand new baby when Mt.St.Helens lost her top. We lived in a mobile home almost 200 miles away. The ash cloud still reached us and I could hear the pellets of pumice raining down on the roof. Outside turned the grey color of asphalt. I will hold good thoughts for you! Good luck.

Yve said...

Wow, that's amazing! Must have been a bit traumatic at the time, though, obviously... I think we are far enough away from Iceland to be honest, it's just that the glass powder volcanoes throw out plays havoc with jet engines so they have had to close most airspace over Northern Europe... may reopen today, depends on wind direction.

Rather selfishly, I hope it doesn't come our way as I'm enjoying the hot weather :o)

Abi said...

I wondered where the Texan sun had gone... looks like we've swaped climates... rained every day this week - unbelievable!
Hope your ailments are improving Yve!
Hope you have a good weekend :O)