Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meet Tabitha and Beatrix

So what have I been up to? Playing with dolls of course... I am not up to sewing at the moment, my ankle can't operate the foot peddle, so my Freaky Little Things are all on hold because they are all (5 of them at any rate) at the costuming stage. SO I've turned my attention to giving a few of my new BJD girls a face-up. I bought these dolls from Korea as blanks because even in that state they are incredibly expensive... 20 years of doll collecting sold on Ebay to buy myself 4 Asian BJDs (one is second hand, Isobel, you've met her already) but they are worth every penny... they are keeping me sane and mildly creative right now... I am in love!

Here are Tabitha Plum, she is a Peakswoods "Skiya" and starred in my pre-Xmas blog post "Skiya's little accident"... that resulting Face-up was OK but a bit harsh and I've been itching to redo her. I'm really pleased with the results :o) Next we have her older sister, Beatrix, who is a Dream Of Doll "E-an", and very tall with hips like a snake... she also doesn't have any clothes of her own just yet! I gave them a grape hyacinth bouquet to celebrate the arrival of SPRING. The last week has been uniformly warm and sunny and the garden is blooming into life plus all the critters that call it home seem to have chicks or cubs or whatever, little fluffy carbon copies taking their first steps or maiden flights, so sweet :o)


On that note, I'm feeling a bit better and will be off to the Docs again in the morning... a neighbour is very kindly driving me round there this time to avoid a repeat of my last misadventure... design work is a distant memory, actually trying to earn a living seems a bit surreal after 4 months incapacitated, but hopefully I will be back to working on those Freaky Little Things soon at least!



Lucys Baby said...

Oh my , she is beautiful.
I got Moona - by Sleeping Elf-Carrie Atwood. They are rather addicting, aren't they! my BJD Having a hard time getting her to hold a pose. Not sure she is strung tight enough. Afraid to try and tighten. I'm interested in learning more about making BJD-any good resources that you know of?

Daph said...

I think she is awesome:)

Sue said...

I think she looks great! You did an excellent job! Hoping that you are back in full operational mode soon!



Yve said...

Thank you, on making them youself, there's that book that's always on ebay... I will have to dig it out because i can't remember the doll makers name. It's in japanese but is quite easy to follow :o) re-stringing is easier than it sounds, there are some good tuorials on YouTube, plus Allington has a good one on easy joint sueding here:

Pam Morris said...

beautiful! very lovely work on these!