Thursday, April 29, 2010

Featured on blog

The Art Dolls Only Blog has little ol' me as their featured artist today... fame at last. Or should that be infamy... infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy!"... apologies to Kenneth Williams there :o)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thorny issues...

Here's another thorny issue! A rather heated debate has been raging on the private Art Dolls Only forum on the subject of Copying, it's an issue guaranteed to raise hackles and get people going and I am currently trying to write it up as an article for our latest project, "Much ADO", an online E-zine which will launch in September (fingers crossed, there are a LOT of plates to keep spinning - watch this space!). The article will be about when inspiration becomes imitation with regard to creating Art Dolls specifically, and the even thornier subject of downright copyright theft.

My topic here is at a slight tangent - today I came across a polite emailed enquiry from someone who wanted to use my doll photographs on flickr as inspiration for their work. I don't know if they meant my recently posted BJD pics or those of my art dolls but I politely (I hope) declined to give my permission, as I always do, because my dolls, the way I paint them and style them, are an extension of my own creativity, they feed off each other... this is all MY work. So, you ask, am I not inspired by everything I see and hear and touch? Of course, but I would never consider actually basing my work directly on someone else's... errrr... Well, OK, I am currently working on a Mad Hatter/Johnny Depp doll but that, if I ever finish it, will be a very obvious and stated "homage" to the work of the art department who worked on that film should it ever be for sale, because you should always reference your sources, surely?

This got me thinking about Mijn Schatje and the whole furore over her artwork ( ). There is very little room for doubting that Miss Schatje (I forget her real name) used a lot of uncredited photographer's work - without seeking permission - and then lying about it when called out, as the basis of her very lucrative illustrations. Were it just for the images referenced on the link I posted above, there might room for thinking it was an unfortunate coincidence but follow this link: and doubts fall by the wayside, there are just too many direct copies of BJD owner's personal photographs. Some people snottily claim that by putting their pics on Flickr and other website the photographer has entered the Public Domain and given away their rights, but there are many different usage and rights protections on Flickr alone, and most of the photographers in question marked their images as All Rights Reserved. Mijn Schatje still flatly refuses to admit that she has infringed a lot of people's copyright and abused the artistic ability and creativity of others as the basis of her career as an illustrator. Is she afraid that she can only trace and that she has no basic drawing ability to back it up was it never truly an ability she had or is she lazy? It's something I worry about too, I know I HAD that ability, but am I in danger of losing it as deadlines become faster and faster and my time with a sketch pad and pencil get more and more pressured?

I, too, have illustrator and photoshop on my Mac, and I'm not afraid to use them! The issue here isn't tracing from photographs, even the Old Masters weren't averse to a spot of tracing, although the inception of photography made it a whole lot easier. We are so used to how the camera sees the world and we sometimes prefer it to the evidence of our own eyes. Art Director's commissioning work love the "vector pic traced from a photo", look right now (you get sucked into it if you want to get the commission) and Mijn Schatje has earned a lot of money by doing just that (while claiming she didn't, of course), but there would be no problem at all had she taken the photographs herself. Preferably of dolls she had styled and posed herself. Unlike a lot of people, She cannot even claim that she can't afford a few BJDs!

Hmmmmm, Ok, I have The Mighty Boosh pic in my folio and for sale in my etsy shop, isn't that the same? I was initially approached to do it as a commissioned illustration by a magazine, they were going to send me reference material. That fell through and so I found my own but I have always been aware of the fact that the two main images come directly from someone else's photographs. The other elements are from watching the DVD and so directly from my own head if you like (except, didn't someone else choose those camera angles and edited what I could see! Opening a can of worms!!!). As I worked all of the elements got combined and morphed into something creative that doesn't directly relate to the source photographs that much anymore, so isn't that OK? I think in this case it is, hope it is, obviously or I wouldn't have put it in the shop... but don't be fooled by those persistent voices on forums who bleat on about a magical percentage that an artist can change a work and not get sued. B*ll*cks! When I decided to sell copies of that image, despite the fact those photographs are in the public domain, I did seek permission from the photographer and eventually decided that no answer meant not worried. I don't pretend to understand the legalities, whether I have crossed a line or not... I just draw stuff!!! (just not as often as I should anymore)... but pleading ignorance doesn't always wash if you want people to pay you for the results.

Creativity is about making decisions (sorry, I know I should say something more airy fairy, but this is the mundane truth: We may do it intuitively, all touchy feely right brain centric, but one day someone will come up with a complicated formula for it, all that flutters and is magical gets pinned down eventually!) lots of tiny decisions that hopefully add up to a striking image. Forget art doll's for a moment, Let's take BJD's as an example: Somewhere in, say, Korea, a sculptor worked long and hard on creating a beautiful doll to be sold and customized by people all over the world. Someone buys that doll, paints it's face by hand, chooses it's wig and eyes and style of clothing and creates a personality for that doll - try putting "Luts Lishe" into a search on Flickr and see the amazing variety of looks that one, very popular, sculpt has been used to create, for example. This doll owner now wants to photograph their labour of love and chooses a darkly lit room near some drapery, the merest hint of lush vegetation through a half open window. The dolls face is sculpted still further by the way the light falls across it and the play of deep shadows. The doll's owner loves the resulting images and decides to crop them further, finally happy, they upload it to Flickr.... where lot's of people get to see it. It is no longer just the creation of that original sculptor somewhere in Korea, but also of the person who customised it and took those photos.

A budding illustrator or artist sees the image and feels the creative juices flowing, what should happen now is that they are inspired by some quality in that image to go away and create something for themselves. Not a slavish copy, definitely not by tracing over someone else's image, but something that was sparked off by seeing the image on Flickr, maybe it won't even feature a doll, maybe it will. That's inspiration. You may refer back to that photo, but you may also forget all about it as you become engrossed in a whole series of other little decisions that come along when you try to create your own image. I have scrapbooks full of inspiring photos and illustrations collected over the years and hardly ever look through them because those images have all seeped into my subconscious and are happily morphing and melting into one another and being spat out anew in odd and unforseen ways. If you find yourself wanting to approach someone and ask if you can base your work on photographs they have taken of their silent sculpted resin muse, however loosely you intend to do it, well, you're trying to cut out a whole load of those decisions and jump the creative queue.... just make or buy yourself a doll... and start from scratch!

Monday, April 19, 2010


A totally random comment by a complete stranger has set me thinking... I think I'm a Bacheloress! Think about the facts: I am mid forties (I know, I seem way too immature, what can I say!) and unmarried and childless so that makes me a SPINSTER, right? Spinster, what a horrid word... I got this from dear old Wikipedia: "spinster (or old maid) came to indicate a woman or girl of marriageable age who was unwilling or unable to marry and had no children. Socially, the term is usually applied only to women who are regarded as beyond the customary age for marriage, and is sometimes considered an insulting term, more degrading than the term "bachelor" for males. While men can continue to have children into their 70s or 80s, women generally become less and less able to bear children as they get older. So the term "old maid" is only applied to women who are past a child bearing age but have never married."

I know what you are thinking, what about feminism, bra-burning, all that hoopla? Well, true, some of the stigma has been rubbed away, but not that much. Spinster still suggests someone who has missed out, dried up, is to be pitied, doesn't it? You're all thinking, bless, she's never met the right guy, poor thing. Well, no I haven't I guess, at least not for long, not for life, not that Soul-mate we are all supposed to find somewhere along the way...

Do you know what? It doesn't really bother me as much as it seems to bother my family and friends. Or strangers, meet someone new and the negative response to the inevitable enquiry gets met with huge embarrassment on their part, as though they have just stumbled into a bereavement or admission of hard drugs usage. I'm not just saying it to put on a brave face, I really don't mind. I've never wanted children, it's not that I don't like children -I like them and for some reason they love me - but I just never saw myself in the role of Mother. I'm too "in my own head", always was. As an oldest child I had my brother and 2 female cousins around and spent the majority of my day devising games for them to play that kept them distracted and allowed me to slip away unnoticed and read my book, play with my dolls and make stuff... all undisturbed by them. We weren't even far apart in age, but we were far apart in outlook, I found them confusing; I found other children very odd when I got to school age too, they seemed so "other". I always related better to adults and couldn't understand why I was being punished in this way: by being treated "like a child". I hated school, not the lessons, not my small band of mostly male friends, just being surrounded by other children, saw it as an ordeal to be endured, trying to get through another day surrounded by creatures I found so alien. I did most of my reading and learning at home on my own. My adult relatives tended to treat me as a rather short equal, or at least let me believe that I was. I must have been an obnoxious child!

So Mother wasn't a role that immediately sprang to mind! Men on the other hand, I love men (I always got on better with boys than girls as a child, despite having no obvious Tomboy traits) or began to, once I went to art college and met men who were on my wavelength, men I had things in common with. Somehow boyfriends have not become permanent fixtures, I've not felt the need to preserve one in aspic or wear a ring, I tend not to think in forevers and that has confused and ultimately alienated some really nice men. C'est la vie! I don't regret any of the partings really, it hurts to be alone again at first but once the mourning for that relationship takes it's course I am reasonably content again. I find happiness in lots of things, I am self contained. I'm not sitting here "waiting" until the next romance comes along, I'm living. I'm sure I can't be the only woman (or man, but it seems almost expected of men?)  to feel as I do?

Bachelor, doesn't have the same stigma does it? The Bachelor lifestyle, the Bachelor pad: Jennifer Anniston is sad and unlucky in love, George Clooney is unfettered, a lucky dog! Sorry Jen, sisterhood and all that, but I'd rather hang with George (wouldn't we all?) because it looks like he's got it made. So do you probably - and this perpetual singledom may well be your choice- but you do have to wear your heart on your sleeve and weep for the comfort of strangers every now and then, and put up with knowing that whole rain forests of speculation go into just why you can't keep a man! OK, so some people (my mother for instance) think George Clooney is gay and in denial (I've had that levelled at me too, puzzling as I know I would end up a single, childless Lesbian too, it's my personality, not my sexuality, at the root of my "Spinsterhood"!) but what do they know, and frankly who cares? By and large, Bachelors are regarded as choosing to be alone, Spinsters have not been chosen. How insane is that?

Bachelorette - I know femenists hate that term as the "ette" implies less than a Bachelor, I think the suffix "ette" is diminuitive? I think. Picky? Maybe, but what's wrong with Bacheloress? Or even just Bachelor, as long as I keep the rapidly approaching prospect of mid-life female facial hair under control that shouldn't be too confusing, should it? Maybe I will be a straight-non-lesbian-but-not-worried-if-you-think-i-am-single-by-choice-childless-female with a small goatee (I can I bead it or add glitter, we need to embrace these changes) but Bacheloress seems easier to say.

You see, I chose this :o)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunburn and volcanoes

Wow, after all that snow until recently today was absolutely scorching! Have been out in the garden sat propped up on loads of cushions and actually had to get into the shade in the end, just too hot in the sun.... yay!!!! Best make the most of it before we disappear under a huge cloud of Icelandic Volcanic Ash. Kind of ironic that it has held up shipment of a paper clay order, I think volcanic ash is one of the main ingredients!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meet Tabitha and Beatrix

So what have I been up to? Playing with dolls of course... I am not up to sewing at the moment, my ankle can't operate the foot peddle, so my Freaky Little Things are all on hold because they are all (5 of them at any rate) at the costuming stage. SO I've turned my attention to giving a few of my new BJD girls a face-up. I bought these dolls from Korea as blanks because even in that state they are incredibly expensive... 20 years of doll collecting sold on Ebay to buy myself 4 Asian BJDs (one is second hand, Isobel, you've met her already) but they are worth every penny... they are keeping me sane and mildly creative right now... I am in love!

Here are Tabitha Plum, she is a Peakswoods "Skiya" and starred in my pre-Xmas blog post "Skiya's little accident"... that resulting Face-up was OK but a bit harsh and I've been itching to redo her. I'm really pleased with the results :o) Next we have her older sister, Beatrix, who is a Dream Of Doll "E-an", and very tall with hips like a snake... she also doesn't have any clothes of her own just yet! I gave them a grape hyacinth bouquet to celebrate the arrival of SPRING. The last week has been uniformly warm and sunny and the garden is blooming into life plus all the critters that call it home seem to have chicks or cubs or whatever, little fluffy carbon copies taking their first steps or maiden flights, so sweet :o)


On that note, I'm feeling a bit better and will be off to the Docs again in the morning... a neighbour is very kindly driving me round there this time to avoid a repeat of my last misadventure... design work is a distant memory, actually trying to earn a living seems a bit surreal after 4 months incapacitated, but hopefully I will be back to working on those Freaky Little Things soon at least!