Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TDP Doll number 2 - ready to go

I've finished my second ADO Travelling Doll. This one, Aiden, comes from Helen Fern. He arrived as a tiny calico cloth doll (he's about 6" tall) and I've given him a paperclay face, painted with watercolours ( enjoying a break from Acrylics and I love the effect on clay) then sealed. He also has a mop of black/auburn tipped tibetan lambswool hair.

Small dolls are really not my forté, so I don't mind saying I was quite daunted when I unwrapped him, he's a fraction of the size of my usual dolls and some of them are a lot larger than those pictured below with him!


I am really into paperclay faces at the moment, though, so went ahead and had quite a frustrating time trying to create elf or goblin type features. Most of my sculpting experience so far has been sculpting life sized busts (heads, not lady-parts you understand!) at art college. This scale is way more difficult and I'm not entirely happy with the end result... but I guess he is a character! His annoying, squishy face and the fact that he was originally meant to have red hair, reminded me of a certain bizarro potato faced acting-challenged cop in CSI MIami - hence his nickname of "Horatio Jnr"! He will be going in the post to Angela Rousseau tomorrow and I will be getting Deena Maurus's doll from Helen shortly. Will keep you posted.


Say goodbye to Horatio Jnr... sorry, I mean Aiden!!!!


Beadwright said...

I love his little face and you did an outstanding job.


Georgina said...

Eve, you crack me up...I love his sqeeeeshy face!!! He's just to cute!!!!

Yve said...

He's feeling better now after me insulting him, thank you ladies!